List Databases with a different collation than the SQL Server

    [d].[name] [Database Name]
   ,databasepropertyex( [d].[name], 'COLLATION' ) [Database Collation]
   ,serverproperty( 'COLLATION' ) [Server Collation]
from [sys].[databases] [d]
where ( databasepropertyex( [d].[name], 'COLLATION' )) != serverproperty( 'COLLATION' );

Enable Windows Firewall for SQL Server

Run these commands on the Windows Server to open the ports for listening on a named instance of SQL Server.
Note: Remember to enable TCP in the SQL Server Configuration Manager.

netsh firewall set portopening protocol=TCP port=1433 name=SQLServerTCP mode=ENABLE scope=SUBNET profile=CURRENT

netsh firewall set portopening protocol=UDP port=1434 name=SQLServerUDP mode=ENABLE scope=SUBNET profile=CURRENT

For more help, refer to SQL Server & Windows Firewall.