The Little Big Bang Idea

I’m going to propose the idea that the event commonly referred to as, the “Big Bang” is in reality a localized event, and not a singular event nor self-cyclic. I shall refer to these events as “Bangs”.

The Universe is literally infinite, without a beginning or an end to both space and time. It has always existed and always will. There was no “creation” of the Universe, there will never be an “end” of the Universe, and there will never be an eventual inevitable spread of entropy into a “frozen” homogeneous Universe.

These Bangs happen over enormous time spans and anywhere in the Universe. They are so far apart that the gravity and photons from other Bangs have a near-zero direct effect on other portions of the Universe where other Bangs are occurring. The matter and energy from any Bang is always in a constant state of chaotic flux, moving over time to spread unpredictably into other areas of the Universe that will eventually condense and then create other new Bangs.

I have no direct evidence of this Idea, but it seems to me a more plausible idea than the idea of “nothing” suddenly becoming “something”.

Faith in God and Science

I’ve tried to say this before, so please be patient with me: Faith in God and Science are not mutually exclusive concepts. Science, as of yet, cannot prove or disprove the existence of any godlike creature.

Personally, I don’t believe there is an all-knowing white guy sitting on a throne demanding to be worshiped.

What I do feel is, is there are Beings of immense knowledge, wisdom, and compassion that have evolved from their lower lifeforms into what they’ve become.

Who knows, maybe we are our own “gods”? Maybe, if we can survive long enough and learn how the Universe operates, then we can become our own godlike immortal beings with souls.

I firmly believe in the existence of our souls. I believe they exist in an extremely higher dimension than our limited 3D+time dimensions.

I believe our souls interact with and are affected by the quantum realm through the mind. A two-way communication as it were..

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this idea?