Chaotic Universe

Anyone who doesn’t believe in chaos has never tried to keep track of everything in the Universe.

Protiguous, 2020

Good News, Everyone!

So far, not a single one of my friends has called to tell me that they’ve died from COVID-19!

Protiguous, 2020

Journal Entry 243

Day 243 of self isolation. Rats are starting to become self-aware and leery of me. Running low on toilet paper. Going to make a trip back to the outside world and buy more.

A horrible racist joke made better..?

Scene: Sometime in the near future

Senator L.G. shows up to the crime scene and asks the Police Chief, “What’s happened Chief?”

The Police Chief shows him the dead body and replies, “Well, we found D.J.T. dead.. stabbed six times in the back!”

Senator L.G. replies, “I’ll be.. that’s worst damn suicide I’ve ever seen!”

Statement: This is my adaptation [into a political commentary] of a racist joke I heard a *long* time ago by someone I used to respect.

I am not advocating the murder of anyone.