CSR Bluetooth USB Driver 64-bit

I received a crappy little Costech USB Bluetooth dongle, but Windows would not recognize it.. “Unknown Device”. After some googling, I think I’ve found the driver. Seems to be working well.

Here is the download link: CSR Bluetooth USB Driver.

9+ Years of nVidia drivers!

So I just checked my archive of drivers, and I have almost 10 years and 17GB worth of these nVidia video card drivers!

I’m a driver hoarder and apparently an nVidia enthusiast lol. I also really like how well nVidia has kept their naming schema fairly constant over the years!

Hmm. If it’s not against nVidia’s Terms of Use, I can mirror some of these files out to you, if you’re looking for a specific version..

FYI, I have from version 181.22_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql all the way up to 391.01-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.