Don’t Rush Me

Good riddance, you vile racist cigar smoking scumbag.

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Cult Warning Signs

The Chosen One is always right. Criticism of the Chosen One is wrong and shameful. Anything the Chosen One does is justified; ignore the consequences. The Chosen One is the only source of Truth, everybody else is lying. Anyone not loyal to the Chosen One is the enemy.

Bubonic Freedoms

Imagine people in Europe during the time of the Bubonic plague.On one side, people with a strong rational fear of rats.On the other, a bunch of morons in red hats waiving around their pet rats and talking about freedom..

Jeff Moden’s Tally Table Function (Generate Large Numbers)

Testing Jeff’s excellent number table generator with the examples below takes ~8 to ~13 minutes on this 6-CPU 8GB ram, 3.8 GHz virtual machine running SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition CU8. Server maxdop is set to 6, parallelism cost threshold is set to 50. Database maxdop is also set to 6. Disclaimer: This virtual machine… Continue reading Jeff Moden’s Tally Table Function (Generate Large Numbers)