Patty Gurdy [Music Videos]

“The Longing” – Patty Gurdy (Storm Seeker Song, Hurdy Gurdy Version)

“Over the Hills and Far Away” – Patty Gurdy (Gary Moore / Nightwish Hurdy Gurdy Cover)



The Chinese Space Lab is expected to come home on Sunday night!

via Chinese Space Lab Expected To Crash To Earth On Sunday Night : The Two-Way : NPR

Kinda sad, but cool in a weird way. In that it is an ‘unusual’ event to witness. Even if by the internet being a proxy witness.


Windows 10 Task Manager – Disk Transfer Rate Suggestion

I use Window 10’s builtin task manger a lot. Any time I hear a drive spin up, or a file transfer slowing down, or something just doesn’t feel right with the computer.. I open up the Task Manager. Lol.. it probably runs more than most applications on my computer.

Now, while seeing the Disk Active Time can be useful for diagnosticating issues, there are times when I would like to see the Disk Transfer Rate on the little graphing windows.

Shouldn’t be too hard to add in another option, eh Microsoft? Please?