Shut Up Woman! Get On My Horse!

OMG. That’s what comes to mind when I saw this ‘video’.
Thousands of years of technology and civilization… and we come up with this.

“Look at my horse. My horse is amazing.” lol.

10 Really Odd Jobs

Heh. 10 really odd jobs.

Bed Warmer – No, not your pet or your husband. There is actually a hotel chain that offers to have a staffer roll around in your bed and warm up the sheets! *!shudder!*

Dog Breath Sniffer – I’d rather be the head quack. Tests how a dog’s diet affects it’s breath.

Gum Buster – Scrapes gum from underneath tables, counters, seats, and sidewalks. Who you gonna call?!

Knife Thrower’s Assistant – Smile while a seemingly sane person throws around knives.

Breath Odor Evaluator – Oi. Does this one even need a description? I hope the ratio of working breath ‘cleaners’ is more than the non working ones..

Pollen Collector – An odd, but honorable job. The pollen apparently can be made into an extract to help allergy sufferers.

Leech Purveyor – Raise medicinal leeches and distribute them out to medical facilities. The leeches do the job of taking excess blood from post-surgical wounds.

Duck Master – Leads ducks in a parade into and out of hotel lobby ponds. The Head Quack, you could say.

Flatulence Smell Reduction Underwear Maker – Design special underwear to guard against the smell of people with gastrointestinal, er, problems.

Mermaid – Requires a year of on-the-job training to swim, lip synch, and flipper around a giant aquarium entertaining audiences with underwater musicals. Must have to be able to hold their breath for two and a half minutes while changing costumes.

Still think your job is so bad, now?

You Know You’re From Idaho When…

Here is some of my top picks from this page. .. all true in Idaho!

  • When the sun goes down you start looking for your coat.
  • You leave your keys in the car and the next morning it’s still there.
  • You installed your new computer using a Leatherman tool.
  • You hear the words “stream” or “brook” pronounced “crick”.
  • You’ve broken down on the highway and somebody stops to help you.
  • Your back yard smells like sagebrush or various animals.
  • You slept through the night unawakened by a siren.
  • You can fish, golf, and go skiing all in the same day if you try hard enough.
  • You talk about a combine and people don’t wonder what you are putting together.
  • Maps and gloves are kept in your vehicle’s “jockey box”.

How to Earn $10,000 in One Hour

Time is money. At least that’s what most people are taught.

The problem with this paradigm, the most common, is that if you think you are only worth $50/hour, then you are limiting yourself to only the lesser opportunities. You won’t be on the lookout for $5,000/hour opportunities!

Who determines what an hour of your time is worth?
How many $10,000/hour hours did you enjoy this month? This year? Your whole life?

If you want to earn more, you must first realize to yourself that you are worth more.

People tend to believe that being a salaried employee is low-risk and being an entrepreneur is high-risk. The reality is just the opposite. What job security is there when your boss can walk up to you and say, “Thanks for your years of good work: Bye!”

Your income shouldn’t be based on how much time you spend working. It should be based on the value you provide/create.

Imagine working a day with the very real possibility that you could earn an extra $10,000 that day.

Don’t cap your income potential by thinking in terms of an hourly rate.