“KBG” aka “Knowledge Generation Bureau”

Anyone seen those commercials about the Knowledge Generation Bureau?

Are they any good?
What are the response times?
How is the quality of their responses?


What would you like to know about?

I love to research. Almost any subject has an interest for me.

Really, ask away. The more esoteric or mundane the better!

mythbusters science

Bad Science and Global Warming

Are they serious?

The list of bad science found on this episode is just really annoying. And they are trying to pass it off as real science (Mythbusters)..

Haven’t they learned of the scientific method?

Problems with this episode:

  • First off, is global warming even happening? I’m hoping it’s not, but let’s assume it can..

Google Server Love

I think I’m in love with Google’s servers.

“Google uncloaks once-secret server”
Google Servers

These simple servers even have a battery backup INSIDE the case!

doctor Dr. Horrible harris horrible

Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

I’ve been a fan of Neil Patrick Harris ever since Doogie, but this.. this is just awesome.

And it’s only $9 to buy!!

discovery world

The World is Just Awesome – Discovery Channel

This new commercial for the Discovery Channel brings tears to my eyes. Check it out.. love the Mythbusters segment and the BOOM part 🙂