Pawn "GearScore" Scale

Here is a simple scoring system for a rating a player’s gear by using the Pawn addon for World of Warcraft.
(Check my other posts for a link to this awesome addon if you don’t have it already.)

Similar to how the GearScore addon works (from what I’ve read), this scale simply adds up all relevant stats.
Remember: it will only rate the potential of a player’s gear, not their skill level.
This scale does not place any value (bias) on where that gear came from, only what the gear adds to your character.

If there was a way for Pawn to rate enchantment procs.. now that would be way cool.
But this will do for now. 🙂

( Pawn: v1: "Score!": Intellect=1, ArcaneResist=1, FeralAp=1, FrostResist=1, ResilienceRating=1, Agility=1, ExpertiseRating=1, MasteryRating=1, Spirit=1, ArmorPenetration=1, FireSpellDamage=1, HolySpellDamage=1, Strength=1, Health=1, Hp5=1, SpellPower=1, Mp5=1, Ap=1, SpellPenetration=1, HasteRating=1, DefenseRating=1, Dps=1, FrostSpellDamage=1, BlockValue=1, BlockRating=1, Mana=1, NatureResist=1, ShadowResist=1, FireResist=1, ArcaneSpellDamage=1, NatureSpellDamage=1, CritRating=1, ShadowSpellDamage=1, HitRating=1, Stamina=1, Rap=1, ParryRating=1, DodgeRating=1 )
C# programming

C# vs C++

Why do some ‘programming’ sites mix C++ and C# material?

I mean, come on! They’re not even close.. 😛

Any comments ?


Paris Hilton Arrested for Alleged Cocaine Possession

Paris Hilton Arrested for Alleged Cocaine Possession!!

Like.. who cares? Really.

Humans. sigh.

I know we are all supposed to love our fellow humans, but I also believe in free will.
The right to choose.

And I think that if any moron person wants to fry their brains (and thereby put money back into the economy!) then that is their choice.

Don’t blame Humans for wanting to feel good.. just know there are better ways other than a quick fix.

fail tail

Another Fail Tank: ßleußoy of Korialstraz

So.. random pug popped. My healer is level 76, the tank was 76..

First pull. Tank drops like hot butter on a hot day.
I was healing the crap out of him, popping every cooldown.
He had riptide, earthliving, healing totem active on him.

He still dies on the first pull… So I armorys him… ßleußoy

lol. Moron.

FWIW, My healer has 372 defense.. 4421 armor.. and 5% dodge. Sigh.


GTFA Thanatos

How to Not Commit Suicide.

mp5 priest

New MP5 Record !

My level 75 night elf priest got up to 628 mp5 with that group!
And still doing 4k crit heals!

healer joke macro warcraft

Favorite Healer Macro

Warning: Only use this macro on boss fights.
Anywhere else and it will lose its effectiveness!!

This macro has been tested to work with World of Warcraft version 3.3.3.

Okay here are the instructions for proper usage:

  1. Wait until ~8 seconds into the boss fight.
  2. Press this macro.
  3. Fun ensues!

And.. here is the special healing macro:

/p BRB. Checking email..

I’ve used this many times and it really makes the tank pay attention. 🙂


Ice Bank Mice Elf

What do all these have in common?



butt pain tshirt

My butt hurts. ROFL!

My Butt Hurts


Donald Knuth

“Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it.” – Donald Knuth