UUTAi Olena – Siberian shaman lady

Wow, I’m thinking I should start posting about these beautiful wonderful people I come across in my web searches.. simply stunning the amount of finely-honed skill.

This Goddess, for example: https://youtu.be/YeAp1fPt8Eg


The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – “Something Just Like This” on YouTube

via The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This (Lyric) – YouTube

Okay, at the time of this article this amazing song has 1,023,759,708 views. Over 1 billion! And its only been published for a year!

So there is a good chance you’ve already heard it the radio or online. But if you haven’t watched it yet, you should!

If you have a child with an imagination.. I dunno, this song really gets me. (Not sure what that means, but it does lol.)

“YouTube Kids” criticized for featuring inappropriate videos.

via YouTube suggested conspiracy videos to children using its Kids app – Business Insider

“Search “9/11″ or ‘porn’ and you find no results.”. Okay, porn I can understand being blocked.. I wouldn’t want my kids to see that fake stuff either. Garbage in, garbage out is what I always teach my children.

But 9/11 videos being blocked? Why? There is nothing inherently ‘bad’ about something that affected so many of our people that our children need to know about.. maybe even research for history class.. or prevent it from happening again in their future.

Sure, it was violent act by some cowardly people, and it’s not unicorn-puking-rainbows happy stuff.. But hiding it from our kids? Shame on youtube.

Never hide History. Especially away from our Youth.