Bush goes nuts on matt lauer – YouTube

Bush goes nuts on matt lauer – YouTube:

Lookie: a dumb ass talking to an asshole !

Okay, I know you know I know that I think I don’t like either of them.. I don’t.
But at least someone is asking questions, and someone is answering [evading even] them.
The whole thing. War, oil, Osama, 9/11, terrorists.. it all just wrong.
There is misinformation flying all around. They hate us, we hate them. All because of lies perpetuated. And lies lead to fear.. fear that ‘they’ might hurt us. But there is no ‘they‘, only ‘bad guys‘ who think the same about You.
If every human just sat down and literally talked with these other humans, we would start to realize how similar we are. We all started out as babies. Hopefully with loving parents. Maybe with brothers and sisters. People we loved and who loved us.
It might sound a bit cliche, but We are all the same.