Windows 10 “Fall Creators Update” now available for download!

Head on over to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to download the ISO!

And *if you want even newer versions* there is a way: Join the “Windows Insiders Program“.

(And if you want the most recent Insider version, just google “sihmar“. Remember, I take no responsibility for your actions!)


How to remove Amazon Drive from Windows 10 File Explorer

Do you like Amazon Drive, but don’t like the fact that it sticks its own folder at the root of your Windows file explorer?

I don’t like it, so here is a link below to a page that describes more in detail about how to remove Amazon Drive from showing in Windows 10 File Explorer.

Remove Amazon Drive from the File Explorer navigation pane »

And here is a mirror for the registry file to merge. (Click the link to download & merge)

Possible Fix for “Diagnostics troubleshooting wizard has stopped working” on Windows 10.

Here is a possible fix for when the Windows 10 Troubleshooter stops working: Check to make sure your Temp and Tmp environment variables are pointing to valid fixed drives.

[Note: Last I checked, flash drives and external USB drives did not work as a temp folder. Hopefully a future Windows 10 update will fix this oversight.]


  1. Press Windows Key + Pause/Break to bring up the “Control Panel\System and Security\System” page.
  2. Select “Advanced System Settings” on the left side.
  3. Select “Environment Variables” at the bottom.
  4. See the “TEMP and TMP user variables”? Edit those to point to a valid folder on a fixed-drive, such as “C:\Temps“.
  5. Do the same for the TEMP and TMP system variables. (You’ll have to scroll down to find them.)
All done! A reboot now shouldn’t be required, but it might help!

How to disable the pagefile in Windows 10 [You can, but DON’T DO IT]

Um… this site mentions “it is not recommended to disable the paging file”.
And then next they state, “How to disable the paging file in Windows 10”.

Some people.. lol. Turning off the page file to gain performance is a myth.

Don’t disable the pagefile.

Windows needs it to reliably run, especially when you start multitasking on the computer.

No matter how much RAM your computer has, Windows will still occasionally swap memory out to disk.

If you really want a performance boost, set the Minimum and Maximum values to the same value to avoid fragmenting the pagefile even more. Or better yet, upgrade to an internal SSD (Solid State Drive)!

Here is what I recommend (having personally tried them): has a few SSD for sale at a decent price: Search for “Internal Solid State Drives“. The Samsung SSD (sata III) are really nice drives at a nice price.

If your computer’s motherboard has an NVMe slot, then buy a Samsung M.2 NVMe drive (2280 is the most common length). PCIe adapters are also available for NVMe drives. These drives are extremely fast. Like GB/s fast.

Good luck and happy hunting! If you have any questions, please comment below.

Solved: Windows 10 unable to type anything anywhere issue.

Recently, Windows 10 stopped letting me type anything in Search, in Start Menu, Cortana. Even calc.exe would not let me type!

Here is my story and the (so called) fix.

After much work and not wanting to do a clean reinstall, I was able to narrow it down to ctfmon.exe not running… (ctfmon is also known as CTF Loader, btw.)

I know from other fresh and clean Windows 10 installs that ctfmon does not appear to be running, so I am still confused on the why it allows this computer system to type.

If I kill the ctfmon.exe task, via Task Manager, then immediately again I am unable to type in anything metro-related. The old control panel search still works. Explorer still works. Everything works, except for new these new fangled Windows 10 apps.

If I run ctfmon.exe (Hint: you can press Win+R to run ctfmon.exe, or navigate in explorer to c:\Windows\System32), then typing immediately starts working again.

I still don’t know why it stopped working or even why this fix works, but it does work [on my machine]! (Windows 10 Pro version 1607, if that helps anyone)