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Why Venetian Princess Hasn’t Been Posting Videos

This beautiful woman is creating original works of art: Parodies. Sometimes of crappy mass-produced crap, sometimes of decent songs. But they are all entertaining to watch.

She is using her own music, singing her own words, creating her own sets.

So how in the hell can she be being sued by the sellers of the songs she is parodying?

First: Her music will in no way cause of loss of profit for the sellers. In fact, it only increases their advertising base.

Second: She is clever. She is smart. She is beautiful. And best of all: She is nice.

Third: As a human, a sentient being, she has a right to sing anything she wants. Anything.

Some people would reply, “Oh you can be sued for anything!”.

Maybe.. but crap like lawsuits has to stop. Copyrights are intended to protect original works of art, not financially grind people -humans- into poverty.

Truly.. I believe the suers are actually jealous that they are not making money off of Her!

Weird Al Yankovich.. can you provide a guiding wing for this princess?

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I Kissed a Girl – Venetian Princess

Here is a pardoy by the lovely Venetian Princess (Jodie Amy Rivera) that, I believe, is better than the original by Katy Perry. Enjoy!