SQL Server: Date and Time Data Types (Size and Ranges)

SQL Server Date and Time data types and storage spaces.
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Tip: DateTime2(3) has the same number of digits as DateTime but uses 7 bytes of storage instead of 8 bytes (SQLHINTS- DateTime Vs DateTime2).

SQL Server: What is Data Warehousing?

A data warehouse is the main repository of a company’s historical data.

Data warehouses can contain a variety of data that presents a coherent picture of the business’s conditions at a point in time.

The main factor of using a data warehouse is that analysts can perform complex queries (data mining) on the information without slowing down the production database servers.

TempDB Best Practices

  • TempDB should have as many data files as there are cores available to SQL Server, but only up to 8 data files. Too many TempDB data files can cause contention. Recommendation: Create 8 files and test from there on.
  • TempDB should only have 1 log file. Extra log files will improve performance as they are written to sequentially.
  • The data files for TempDB should all be the same size.
  • TempDB data files and TempDB log files should be on separate disks.
  • TempDB files should be on the fastest disks.