Bleeding, but Still Healing Heart

Ten years ago I fell in love with the most wonderful woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

She is beautiful, smart, intelligent, pretty, cute, full of goodness, and oh so kind.

She smelled good too. Pretty smile.. perfect teeth. Perfectly blue eyes..

So so blue.

Her eyes.. I have never seen such beautiful blue eyes.
I fear I never will see them again in this lifetime.

I fell in love with her the first time we met. I had to force myself not to stare.. she was so beautiful. Perfectly sexy body, but not stuck up on herself. (Cute butt too!)

Then we had a chance to talk together. Love her voice. I still hear her voice some days..

We had a wonderful time together. We shared our stories. Talked about anything. Our pasts. Our children. Monty python. Lemon Jelly. Our commitments.

Everything was perfect when I was with her.


We kissed. We talked. We hugged.

The time with her felt endless and too short at the same time.

We talked about our duties. Decided that we would each give our individual pasts another try. Take that hard high road as it were. Live up to our promises we had made prior to meeting each other.

So we kissed one last time. Hugged each other one last time. It was a Perfect Hug too.. Our bodies fit together perfectly. My own lungs let out a feeling with a sound totally involuntarily. I’ve never had a more perfect moment since. I didn’t want it to end.

We said our goodbyes, then we parted ways and have not seen each other since.

For years I thought about her literally every day. Dreamed about her many times.

In the dreams she always had a look on her perfect face that said keep me, but let me go. “I have to go..”, she’d say.

Some nights I wake up crying. Some days I fall asleep crying. I miss her so much.

I scan everyone when I’m out and about, looking for her face. That smile. Those eyes.

People might think I’m strange that I’ll look them in the eye and smile. The twist is I’m thinking about her. And them too, the strangers.. wishing they were her.

I miss you. I love you. Always.

Your love is my drug, blue eyes.

Two teen drivers and their teeny-tiny car

True Story..

Yesterday afternoon, while loading the groceries into my car, I hear the sound of a small car’s engine roaring down the lane behind me and gaining speed.

I quickly meerkat in time to see this tiny car being driven, by what I can only assume by now is a moron; gaining speed along the parking lot lane.

A meerkat meerkatting.
A meerkat meerkatting.

Showing disregard that they could easily kill or cripple a child (or any pedestrian!), I am quickly filled with righteous fury at their irresponsibility.

As the young male driver and his teen companion come zipping around my corner with their tiny car’s front left tire squealing under duress, I yell quite loudly (I am impressed by my own volume), “Slow down, you morons!“.

My thundering voice is filled with anger at their contempt for other people’s safety.

The passenger’s reply is a quick and witty, “You slow down!“. This is quite easy to oblige, as I am already standing still relative to most frames of reference in the parking lot.

The two frames of reference that, however, are not standing still are the two other larger vehicles proceeding (with the right-of-way) towards the same intersection as the the two moronic teenagers in the tiny car.

As the driver of the car of the two moronic teenagers slam on the tiny car’s brakes and screeches to a halt, I grin a little grin as no one gets hurt, except maybe, the pride of two morons in a tiny car.

Written by Protiguous.

Copyright 2020, Protiguous

Short Story: Titanium Baseball Bat

“Hey Bob, brb. I need to grab my titanium baseball bat to smash this stupid car that’s honking behind me lol”, I texted my friend Bob.

Sigh. ANOTHER idiot having the nerve to honk at me! Now where did I leave my bat? Aha, there it is! Now to go show them who’s boss!
Nobody honks at me!

So I reach for my bat. Oh..

I guess I ought to put down my phone first..

Written by Protiguous

Copyright Protiguous 2020