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MSG is not bad for you at all.

Reposting awesomeness for posterity:

MSG- Mono Sodium Glutamate. Glutamate being Glutamic Acid, a non-essential amino acid. Non-essential meaning your body produces it naturally. That’s right, glutamates are in your body right now! Mono-sodium meaning it is bound to sodium rather than protein or say potassium.
Glutamic Acid is a neurotransmitter. You need it for your brain to work. Without it, you’ll die.
Now being non-essential, it is true you do not need to consume it, like you would say tryptophan. However, being an amino acid, which are the building blocks of protein, glutamic acid must exist in a lot of food right? Well yes it does, and plenty of it! Tomatoes, Cheese, Meats, Fish, Algae, Soy, all of those contain good old glutamic acid, aka MSG. You are consuming MSG whenever you eat any of the these foods!
To make MSG, you basically just must isolate glutamic acid, then add sodium. This was originally done in the late 1900’s by the Japanese from seaweed in order to purify the “umami” flavor. They would dehydrate seaweed and being high in glutamic acid and sodium, MSG would form crystals on the top. Today, we use more modern and efficient means through bacterial fermentation.
Now that whole “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome”(CRS) thing. First things first, it doesn’t exist. In 1968 Robert Ho Man Kwok reported feelings of “numbness at the back of the neck, gradually radiating to both arms and the back, general weakness and palpitations.” This occurred after he ate a Chinese-American meal and blamed the culprit MSG. Thus CRS was born.
Ever since then, CRS has scared millions of Americans though the medias portrayal of MSG and CRS. Now you will see almost every single Asian restaurant with a “no MSG” sign on their establishment or Menu.
The fact of the matter is, and regardless of what you have heard, there is no proof(read: none, zip, zilch) that MSG causes CRS or any other symptom. An exception would be if you consume ridiculous quantities, i.e. several ounces(which would taste unpalatable!). In fact it is far less toxic than salt(5 times less!, 15-18g/kg vs 3g/kg), its cousin in seasoning. Again, there has been several double blind studies proving that not only did CRS not exist, but so called “MSG sensitivity/allergy(Fun fact: If someone ever says they have an allergy to MSG, you’re talking to a ghost because they are died)” didn’t exist.
Conclusion/TL;DR: MSG is not even remotely dangerous to humans.
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Secret X-37B craft lands after 15-month mission – Technology & science – Space – –

Secret X-37B craft lands after 15-month mission – Technology & science – Space – –

“Just listen to what we’re telling you,” McKinney added.

LOL.. Nothing to see here: Move along.

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Flu & Cold Metric

Okay, I’ve developed a new scientific metric to determine the severity of the cold or flu from which a victim suffers.

“TRTP”, aka, Total Rolls of Toilet Paper used while sick.

Now, obviously the amount of rolls you would normally go through in the same span of time needs to be deducted from the TRTP.


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define: Atheism

Atheism: The belief that God does not exist.

I reject your belief. So stop pushing it onto me.

God, science, evolution, and creation and not mutually exclusive.
My personal belief is that we don’t have a clue what Reality really is.

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DNC chair: Without the auto bailout, we’d all drive foreign cars (VIDEO) –

DNC chair: Without the auto bailout, we’d all drive foreign cars (VIDEO) –

“Without the auto bailout, we’d all drive foreign cars.”


We’d start fixing the ones we have (and stop filling up the junkyards)!

The very fact that sales are dropping points to market oversaturation.
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Cortical Computing with Memristive Nanodevices

I love neuromorphical articles.. but this one had one tiny little brain fart that tickled my giggles.

Check out Figure 6… notice anything weird about it?
“Neutron Dynamics”?

Yah, thought so too. 😛

Unless.. there is an interaction between neutrons and neurons that I’ve missed… *pulls out microscope and slide rule*

Update: 2019, seems like this site-link is dead now..

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Bad Science and Global Warming

Are they serious?

The list of bad science found on this episode is just really annoying. And they are trying to pass it off as real science (Mythbusters)..

Haven’t they learned of the scientific method?

Problems with this episode:

  • First off, is global warming even happening? I’m hoping it’s not, but let’s assume it can..