“The same is true of all locomotion. Rockets, for example, eject massive amounts of matter at high speed to push themselves in the opposite direction. Animals in the sea and air push against water and atmosphere respectively. There is always a push to move.”

“cosmos” magazine, 10 August 2022

Sigh.. No. I know what you’re trying to get at, but that is still not correct.

Scale of Intelligence Levels

  1. God-like – Able to change inputs and outputs
  2. Intuitive – Able to predict a sequence of outputs with missing inputs.
  3. Intelligent – Able to recognize the pattern of inputs even with missing inputs.
  4. Sentient – Able to recognize a sequence of inputs.
  5. Algorithmic – Able to activate the correct outputs in the correct sequence for a given input in the correct sequence.
  6. Logical – Able to activate the correct outputs for a given input.
  7. Moron – Unable to activate the correct outputs in the correct sequence for a given input.
  8. Idiot – Unable to activate the correct outputs for a given input.
  9. Alive – Able to respond to inputs.
  10. Lifeforms – Able to modify the inputs and create outputs.
  11. Exists – Has inputs and outputs.
  12. Nonexistent – Has zero inputs and outputs.


  1. God-like – God, Q, etc..
  2. Intuitive – Any smart woman, mothers, grandmas..
  3. Intelligent – Any above average human.
  4. Sentient – Common household pets: dogs, cats, etc..
  5. Algorithmic – Computers, smartphones, etc..
  6. Logical – calculators? complex machines?
  7. Moron – G.W.B.
  8. Idiot – D.J.T.
  9. Alive – animals, insects
  10. Lifeforms – bacteria, viruses
  11. Exists – I dunno.. sand, rocks maybe? Heheh.
  12. Nonexistent – Nothing unreal exists, according to Spock.

Just some things I was thinking about one day.
Decided to post it to get any constructive feedback.
FYI, this scale is not fully fleshed out or set in stone.
Also, some things can belong to multiple descriptions. 🙂

From my old blog, http://ai-brain.blogspot.com/2012/12/scale-of-intelligence-levels.html

Science is not ‘defined’ by the money

“A lot of time mainstream science agrees with stuff ten years later.”
[She was talking about “Alternative Medicines” and to avoid something scientifically-valid if you “follow the money!”.]

No. No, we do not. We follow verifiable facts and conclusions from following the Scientific Method.

If it is unverifiable, it is discarded. For everything verifiable, it is added to our collective knowledge which helps further new discoveries and new ideas.

Many discoveries and research are made from plants, animals, insects, previous research & science, etc.. along with all other sources.

We don’t discard something because someone “made money” from a discovery or research. The money does not invalidate the Science or research done. The two are intertwined, yes. But the Science is not ‘defined’ by the money (or the source of).

Sick and Tired of Ignorance

I feel like I’m going to explode with anger.

I am sick of people spreading false information.

I am tired of people sticking their heads in the ground.

I am sick and tired of people pushing their ignorance and hatred onto other people.

Go away, you stupid f#cks.

Protiguous, 2020