“My god!”, people..

“My god is better than your god!” – every religious bigot ever. Protiguous, 2020

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Karma. Buddhists believe in something called “karma”.Karma simply means “cause and effect”, in the Buddhist sense.Every action you take has an effect, and those effects cause other effects (think: billiard balls striking one another). There is no “good” karma and “bad” karma.There is merely the net effect of all the things you have set into… Continue reading Karma

define: Atheism

Atheism: The belief that God does not exist. I reject your belief. So stop pushing it onto me. God, science, evolution, and creation and not mutually exclusive.My personal belief is that we don’t have a clue what Reality really is.

Proof of Satan

Proof of Satan’s existence: the tags on the back neckline of shirts.

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Universal Rights for All Beings

Universal Rights (2011 draft) Every Being is initially created equal. Every Being initially has the right to live. Every Being has the right to defend itself. Every Being has the right to communicate. Every Being must accept the consequences of its actions. Meaning: every Being, any and everything alive, has the right to do what it wants… Continue reading Universal Rights for All Beings