Stop Recording MA Police‬, They Don’t Like It!

Now, assuming this website contains the real government statutes, let us pick apart the officer’s attitude in this video.

First of all, kudos go to this officer for being fairly professional and not being a dickhead.

  1. 0:00 to 1:15 – Well behaved. A few glances upwards at the helmet. (We can assume the officer is aware of something on it.)
  2. 1:15 – Officer asks what is that on his helmet. So the officer DOES know without being told that he is aware of something on the helmet. I don’t know about most people, but I always assume I’m being recorded 24/7. (Yes, I’m paranoid. Why do you ask?)
  3. 1:25 – Officer rambles something about a violation of wiretap laws being a felony. A look on the MS government website only shows the various offenses as being a “misdemeanor”.

.. and blah blah blah. I am so tired of these officers we place our trust in abusing and corrupting the very civilization we are trying to uphold. This officer’s demeanor, and very likely all other ‘law’ enforcers goes against the very spirit of the laws.

From the government page:

The general court finds that organized crime exists within the commonwealth and that the increasing activities of organized crime constitute a grave danger to the public welfare and safety. Organized crime, as it exists in the commonwealth today, consists of a continuing conspiracy among highly organized and disciplined groups to engage in supplying illegal goods and services. In supplying these goods and services organized crime commits unlawful acts and employs brutal and violent tactics. Organized crime is infiltrating legitimate business activities and depriving honest businessmen of the right to make a living.

The general court further finds that the uncontrolled development and unrestricted use of modern electronic surveillance devices pose grave dangers to the privacy of all citizens of the commonwealth. Therefore, the secret use of such devices by private individuals must be prohibited. The use of such devices by law enforcement officials must be conducted under strict judicial supervision and should be limited to the investigation of organized crime.

Emphasis added to keywords by me.

There was nothing secret about a visible camera in plain view recording a public officer performing his duty.

And a side note that tickles my funny bone is the preamble on Section 99:

The general court further finds that because organized crime carries on its activities through layers of insulation and behind a wall of secrecy,…

Gee. What other ‘organization‘ comes to mind when you read that sentence?

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