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RealNetworks Sues Dutch Webmaster Over Hyperlink To Freeware

My commentary on a portion of a Slashdot comment: “

If you link to a web page that contains illegal content, you are abetting in a crime.

No. No. No. And hell NO.
If YOU drive to my house and ask me where the next crack house is, and YOU drive there then my question is: How in hell am I responsible for anything going on at that location or your actions?
Answer: I am not. I am not responsible for YOU. I’m not committing any crime. I’m not abetting in a crime.

Look, I honestly┬ádon’t know if you are a drug agent looking for more information. Or a crackhead looking for a hit. Don’t know.. don’t care.. much..

I don’t know if you are some person’s parent looking to save their kid from something awful.

All I am doing is being a good Samaritan, doing my best to provide help.


Back to the Internets. My belief is any link should be able to link anywhere. If I can type it, guess it, create it, or even faceroll it.. basically if my computer can access your link from the public-side of the internet, then I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CONTENT.

Realnetworks, if that is your real name, you need to stop being asshats and scrap your failed business model. Leave us Alone.

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Downloading is not theft!

Taking something without paying is stealing.” –imthesponge (621107) writes: on Friday May 28, @07:25PM (#32383976)

And the excellent response by Jah-Wren Ryel (80510) writes: on Friday May 28, @07:43PM (#32384206)
Then hollywood and all the other publishers are the biggest thieves in the world.
Why? Because of retroactive copyright extensions.
Because of those extensions the publishers have stolen millions of works from the public domain.
Works that were created and released under very specific copyright terms that guaranteed their release into the public domain.
If they didn’t agree to those terms, they should never have published in the first place.
But instead, they hired lobbyists to steal all of those works from every single citizen.
That is theft on a scale hundreds of thousands of times greater than ‘internet piracy’ could ever achieve, even if every single citizen pirated everything they ever watched.

So if you want to talk about stealing you should be focusing on the biggest thieves in the world bar none not these piddly little downloaders.

I agree 100%.