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Consensual Sexuality

I don’t care what your gender/preference/orientation is.
LGBTQIAP+ .. whatever.
Really. I don’t care. We all have preferences. You are no different than the rest of the world. We [should] all have the same rights.

I don’t care if you ‘come out’ or if you keep it ‘locked up’.

It doesn’t matter to me what you like to poke it in, or like to be poked from, or with, or where, or not at all.. as long as it is mutually consensual (and both are reasonably aged, you goddamn pedophiles).

But: I am so tired of hearing it on the news, seeing it on TV, movies, plastered over social media.. so STOP SHOVING IT IN OUR FACES! (Here’s looking at you, Star Trek’s: ‘Discovery’! If I wanted to see two men making out in the engine room, I’d go join a ship or fire up PornHub!)

If God has a problem with your preference: He will take that up with you in the afterlife.
If Nature has a problem with your preference, she will intrinsically breed out of existence that which does not propagate work.

So I tell you this: It is not our/society’s place to shun or promote any choice related to mutually consensual sex of reasonable ages.

My, deeply personal, opinion is that ‘gay’ marriage is an oxymoron.
I believe two people of the same gender cannot truly love each other the same way a man and a woman love each other. Lust? Sure, easily. But Love? Nope.

But I will NOT stop you, or put you down, or in any way not allow you to live your lifestyle choice, as long as what you do is totally mutually consensual.

I’m sure some asshat will take a warped view of my comments as “your way allows [insert nasty bigoted view here]!”.

NO, it does not. Consensual implies informed.

Alcohol, drugs, and youth all impair one’s judgement.. and that prevents the ‘mutually’ consensual part.

Abusing trust, authority, responsibility, or lying is not consensual!


marriage wifecraft

Men: How to start a successful marriage (or try to save yours!).

First rule: You are NOT worthy of Her. It does not matter how good looking, rich, successful, or endowed you are.. she can always find someone who will treat her better.

Second rule: Always try to be worthy of her.

Third rule: Never lie. Never. You might think you are saving her feelings from being hurt, but once you start telling her a lie you will keep on doing it. It’s just one little white lie.. what can it hurt? Know what? She will know that you have told her a lie. So don’t start doing it.

Tip: Never bring up past arguments.

Tip: Always support her in public.. even if you know she is wrong. You two are a team. It’s you two against the world. The moment one of you start viewing the other as an opponent, the marriage starts breaking apart.

Tip: Don’t put her down. You may think she’s just been ‘watching TV all day’ or just ‘watching the kids’ but you have no idea all the little (and lots of times BIG) things she does for you all the time.. even if it just a pretty shoulder to sit next to at the end of a long day.

Tip: Real men admit when they have made a mistake. So when you are wrong, just admit it.

Tip: Let Her know and feel She is beautiful and sexy, but not a sex object.

Tip: Groom yourself.. She has to look at you. Put yourself in her shoes: would you want to wake up next to *that*?

I honestly hope something in this advice sticks.. us guys need all the help we can get.


New Things to talk about with your spouse

After your spouse has heard all of your stories.. what else is there to tell her?