Driving Around Town

While driving around I pay attention to the way the other drivers behave. I notice who lets who in, and who cuts who off. I notice who speeds up to (& sometimes through!) red lights or stop signs. And you know what the common denominator is among all of these bad drivers? The trump flags,… Continue reading Driving Around Town

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Sick and Tired of Ignorance

I feel like I’m going to explode with anger. I am sick of people spreading false information. I am tired of people sticking their heads in the ground. I am sick and tired of people pushing their ignorance and hatred onto other people. Go away, you stupid f#cks. Protiguous, 2020


Karma. Buddhists believe in something called “karma”.Karma simply means “cause and effect”, in the Buddhist sense.Every action you take has an effect, and those effects cause other effects (think: billiard balls striking one another). There is no “good” karma and “bad” karma.There is merely the net effect of all the things you have set into… Continue reading Karma