Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

via Text – H.R.5087 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 | | Library of Congress

What a PIECE OF CRAP bill this is!

Methods of taking away our gun rights:

  • Create false flag attacks.
  • Pick a group of people and label them as ‘terrorists’.
  • Spread fear about ‘terrorists’, real or imagined.
  • Associate the word ‘assault’ with [almost] any gun they want.
  • Imply that only terrorists use these ‘assault’ weapons.
  • Generate propaganda about any group owning these ‘assault’ weapons.
  • Smear campaign against any who opposes bills like this.
  • Create a “Threat” score on everyone.

People, wake up! Seriously, it is a bad idea to take away the right to defend ourselves.

The old adage you may have heard, “If You Take Away Our Guns, Then Only Criminals Will Have Guns” is true.

Think about it.. you’re a law abiding citizen, right? You’d follow rules that our government for us to all be ‘safer’ right? Right?

Okay. Now, who are the people that tend to not follow the ‘Rules’ of the land? Criminals? Yup.

And you just willingly traded in your weapons for “Those Awesome Prices” at the government-run ‘National Gun Safety’ event. You got twice the full value of your weapons, right?

And days go by with nothing bad happening. Months. Maybe even years.. and then your house is broken into and robbed, or you’re mugged at gunpoint.

Now how do you defend yourself?


Bonus question: What if that criminal is part of a larger group.. a nation perhaps?


Consensual Sexuality

I don’t care what your gender preference is.
Either way.
Really. I don’t care.
I don’t care if you ‘come out’ or if you keep it locked up in a not-so-secret closet.
It doesn’t matter to me what you like to poke it in, or like to be poked from.. as long as it is mutually consensual.

So tired of hearing it on the news, seeing it on TV..

If God has a problem with your preference: He will take that up with you in the afterlife.
If Nature has a problem with your preferences, she will intrinsically breed out of existence that which does not propagate work.

So I tell you this: It is not our/society’s place to shun or promote any choice related to mutually consensual sex.

My own, deeply personal, opinion is that ‘gay’ marriage itself is an oxymoron. A sin in God’s plan. I don’t believe two people of the same gender can truly love each other the way a man and a woman love each other.
But I will NOT stop you, or put you down, or in any way not allow you to live your lifestyle, as long as what you do it totally mutually consensual.

I’m sure some asshat will take a warped view of my comments as “your way allows [insert nasty idea here]!”.
NO, it does not. Consensual implies informed. Abusing trust, responsibility, or lying is not consensual.

AllGov : 10 Most Popular Unanswered Petitions to the White House

AllGov – News – 10 Most Popular Unanswered Petitions to the White House:

  1. Crackdown on puppy mills (30,920) – [I didn’t even realize these existed. Although I can see a niche developing for it because some are greedy and have no compassion.]
  2. Abolish the TSA (29,717) – [I Agree 100%. Can we get a HELL YAH!! Treating every person as a criminal is a breeding ground for abuse.]
  3. Allow growth of industrial hemp (21,978) – [Not sure where to draw the line on this one. Smoking: NO; Medicinal: yes; Industrial ?? Like making clothes & rope?? Mebbe.]
  4. End “war on drugs” (20,685) – [The “war on drugs”, One of the many stupid distractions the government has created to criminalize anything they want and spend more money.]
  5. Dissolve the Electoral College (18,600) – [Agreed. Wait, what? You mean presidents aren’t elected by a popular vote?! Someone tell the People!! /lol @ !democracy ]
  6. Re-establish separation between investment and commercial banks (17,451) – [ #crapstillstinks.]
  7. Restore democracy by ending corporate personhood (16,837) – [ Agreed, we need this even more than the uninstallTSA program.]
  8. Repeal the Patriot Act (15,694) – [Pure evil. Hey, let’s ignore the Constitution! ]
  9. Protect children from air pollution (13,886) – [Air pollution? What’s that? Loud smelly politicians? Or their ‘ideas’?]

Another stupid law..

What the freak difference if a crime is commited with knowledge gained from an internet-available map or a paper map from the frackin’ store down the road? It’s the same crime!!

Just another excuse by the government to steal more money from US.

By definition a terrorist doesn’t fear or care about the law, morons. Wasting our time and money.


There should be a minimum IQ required to be in office.
Not to mention a morality and ethics test…