Sick and Tired of Ignorance

I feel like I’m going to explode with anger.

I am sick of people spreading false information.

I am tired of people sticking their heads in the ground.

I am sick and tired of people pushing their ignorance and hatred onto other people.

Go away, you stupid f#cks.

Protiguous, 2020

Browse Happy

This site ‘BrowseHappy’ claims that Internet Explorer is unsafe. Yet they provide absolutely no evidence.

I quote from that site:

“See what people are saying about Internet Explorer, in the wake of its most recent security issues”

What issues? Any Description? Not even a single link? Answer: None.

Okay, let’s see what the ‘people’ who switched away have to say.
Let’s pick on Sarah’s (picked at random) testimonial:

“Browsing the web with IE was horrible. I wouldn’t be able to visit a website without annoying pop-up ads or spyware muddying up my computer. I don’t know what’s worse — actually getting the pop-up ads, or the fact that at least half of the them look like something authentic (e.g., a fake Google-looking search engine). In spite of a fast connection, Internet Explorer would slow down my computer so much, hindering whatever it was that I was trying to get done.”

My remarks:

  1. “…IE was horrible…”: An opinion, with no facts or reasoning provided.
  2. “…without annoying pop-up ads…”: Blame the websites you are visiting, Miss. Also, popups are easily blocked since what IE5.5 and later?
  3. “…spyware muddying up my computer…”: See above comment. lol.
  4. “…the fact that at least half of the them look like something authentic…”: Um.. will work similar in ANY BROWSER.
  5. “…Internet Explorer would slow down my computer so much…”: Proof? None. Btw, what makes you think it was internet explorer? Did your computer slow down after you visted that ‘adult‘ site?

How scientific. Nothing but scare tactics and propaganda.

People, I’m all for optimizing programs and computers to get things done faster, sooner, better. But please, do everyone a favor and think things through. Don’t listen to gossip.