How to reset and calibrate your Leapster 2 (handheld gaming console)

Follow these steps to re-calibrate your Leapster2 (aka Leapfrog?):

  1. Make sure the unit’s power is OFF.
  2. Remove any game cartridge.
  3. Hold down the HINT key. (middle top left, usually with the question (?) mark.)
  4. Press the power ON button. (keep holding down HINT)
  5. When the diagnostic menu appears, release the HINT button,
  6. Press A to begin the calibration.
  7. Press on each corner as the little white dots appear with the stylus.
  8. Turn the unit’s power off after the calibration is done!

The Angry Birds Defense

So my daughter introduced me to the crazy game angry birds.. 3 coffee pots later I’m thinking to myself, unsure if I’m saying it out loud, “die pig! die!

And then the thought occurred to me, how long before some lame cop is walking by a teenager when the teenager says that very thought out loud?
Of course we all assume the kid has no idea the officer is even there, but with the police-state we are in, the pig cop takes offense and arrests the poor kid for uttering a death threat

Plants Versus Zombies by PopCap (bass.dll problem)

So my daughter went to play Plants vs Zombies when the screen went black and just sat there.;sz=300×250;ord=%5Btimestamp%5D?;lid=41000613802464048;pid=23174654;usg=AFHzDLtkt7NL91OaRcR6M16aUvlE1h2NQg;;pubid=607609;price=%2419.98;title=ValuSoft+PopCap+Greatest+Hits+Collection+72144;merc=OfficeMax;;width=151;height=135

The error that popped up was:

BASS_ChannelPlay function not found in bass.dll

After a bit of sleuthing and googling, it turns out that some other application had dropped a dll into the window’s system SysWOW64 folder.

The path was “C:WindowsSysWOW64” on this computer..
You may be able to find your computer’s folder by pressing “Windows+R” and then entering “%SystemRoot%SysWOW64“.

Deleting “bass.dll” from the SysWOW64 folder allowed the game to work.

(Programmers: please stop putting your muck in my OS’s folders!)
(Developers: please don’t let programmers muck with your OS!)