NETGEAR A7000 Windows 10 Driver

Because the drivers (without the outdated Genie application) for the Netgear A7000 WiFi USB for Windows 10 are not directly available on the Netgear support website, here are the download links to the extracted drivers for version “1030.25.701.2017“.

RAR: A7000 Driver 1030.25.701.2017.rar
ZIP: A7000 Driver

Archives have been verified malware-free via

Samsung NVMe 3.1 Driver

Download Here: Samsung NVMe 3.1 Driver
Password: “Samsung“.

I created this because sometimes the windows executable from Samsung won’t install if a temp folder is not set correctly.

This archive is the 3 files from the official Samsung NVMe 3.1 driver download page with no modifications, just zipped up.

Remember: Always create a Restore Point before you install, and keep your antivirus ENABLED.. just to be on the safe side.

Here are my results before installing this driver.
nvme standard 1GB

And the results after installing this driver.
nvme samsung 1GB

Conclusion: only slightly better than Microsoft’s NVMe driver on this computer.
Both results are within the margin of error of each other.