100 Darts Conspiracy

If you throw 100 darts and only 1 hits the bullseye, it doesn’t mean you’re good at darts.

Re: people spouting conspiracies constantly.

Sick and Tired of Ignorance

I feel like I’m going to explode with anger.

I am sick of people spreading false information.

I am tired of people sticking their heads in the ground.

I am sick and tired of people pushing their ignorance and hatred onto other people.

Go away, you stupid f#cks.

Protiguous, 2020

Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

via Text – H.R.5087 – 115th Congress (2017-2018): Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

What a PIECE OF CRAP bill this is!

Methods of taking away our gun rights:

  • Create false flag attacks.
  • Pick a group of people and label them as ‘terrorists’.
  • Spread fear about ‘terrorists’, real or imagined.
  • Associate the word ‘assault’ with [almost] any gun they want.
  • Imply that only terrorists use these ‘assault’ weapons.
  • Generate propaganda about any group owning these ‘assault’ weapons.
  • Smear campaign against any who opposes bills like this.
  • Create a “Threat” score on everyone.

People, wake up! Seriously, it is a bad idea to take away the right to defend ourselves.

The old adage you may have heard, “If You Take Away Our Guns, Then Only Criminals Will Have Guns” is true.

Think about it.. you’re a law abiding citizen, right? You’d follow rules that our government for us to all be ‘safer’ right? Right?

Okay. Now, who are the people that tend to not follow the ‘Rules’ of the land? Criminals? Yup.

And you just willingly traded in your weapons for “Those Awesome Prices” at the government-run ‘National Gun Safety’ event. You got twice the full value of your weapons, right?

And days go by with nothing bad happening. Months. Maybe even years.. and then your house is broken into and robbed, or you’re mugged at gunpoint.

Now how do you defend yourself?


Bonus question: What if that criminal is part of a larger group.. a nation perhaps?

“YouTube Kids” criticized for featuring inappropriate videos.

via YouTube suggested conspiracy videos to children using its Kids app – Business Insider

“Search “9/11″ or ‘porn’ and you find no results.”. Okay, porn I can understand being blocked.. I wouldn’t want my kids to see that fake stuff either. Garbage in, garbage out is what I always teach my children.

But 9/11 videos being blocked? Why? There is nothing inherently ‘bad’ about something that affected so many of our people that our children need to know about.. maybe even research for history class.. or prevent it from happening again in their future.

Sure, it was violent act by some cowardly people, and it’s not unicorn-puking-rainbows happy stuff.. But hiding it from our kids? Shame on youtube.

Never hide History. Especially away from our Youth.