UI Designers, please don’t do this..

Don’t make your label say, “No.” instead of “Number”.

It’s outdated. It’s old. It’s confusing. And it’s annoying.

Just say NO to “No.”.

The 4 pillars of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) summed up in my own words.

Encapsulation – The process of hiding internal data away from other classes.

Abstraction – The process of hiding irrelevant details while providing a feature.
(with the side effect of reducing the code complexity.)

Inheritance – The process of providing properties and methods to derived classes.

Polymorphism – The ability of a derived class to take on different behaviors than the parent class provides.

“Beggars can’t be choosers!” is Bullshit!

First off, I’m sorry to use coarse language.
But the statement, “Beggars can’t be choosers.”, really *really* pisses me off.

It perpetuates the mindset that you are better than the beggar. That you know better than they know.
That you’ve made better life choices than they did.

And, you know what? It’s pure bull crap.

Maybe you did make better life choices. Maybe they got laid off totally unfairly and not because of something they did.

Sometimes in life, you just hit a low point. Rock bottom. Sometimes a point so low that you can’t see a way out of it. So, you need help from others. Someone to lean on while you get back on your feet.. Even if it takes years [to break out of the struggle just to survive day to day]!

They need the kindness of a stranger. Not their pity. Not their ‘I’m better than you’ attitude.
Or even the pressure of “I’m doing you a service [so you owe me]”.

Those kinds of attitudes don’t help you or the person you’re ‘helping’.

Just because someone is at a low point, sleeping in the alley, on a park bench, under a bridge does not mean they have to take/accept whatever they’re offered. They do not have to eat the moldy leftovers from your lunch two days ago.

Beggars can choose. They’re sentient beings. They have the same rights, wills, and dreams.. like you have. They deserve to be treated with dignity. They need a friend, one with kindness.

So.. Be Nice! Help a fellow human out any time you can.
Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to “do your good deed for the year”.

And, as always: “Do the right thing because it's the right thing to do.“.

Google Chrome: Fix to remove all ‘Other Search Engines’.

Found via Google Chrome: Remove all ‘Other Search Engines’ – Super User.

Finally! I’m so tired of every little site I visit adding baggage into my Chrome browser.
There really should be an option to add a site, WHEN I DESIRE TO DO SO.

Freakin’ chrome design team. Grr.

Meanwhile, there is a chrome extension that blocks these silent custom search engine additions: “Don’t add custom search engines“.

[Free] Online Link Expander and Decrypter

@ Link Expander & Decrypter

Quote from their site (with grammar fixed):

“This tool is an Ajax based link expander. It works by taking into account the API & shortening algorithm used by the shortener. After you submit your link, it checks the API used by the shortener. Within seconds the tool unshortens the URL according to the API detected. But that’s not all this tool does, it also tells if the uncovered site is safe to browse and displays a screenshot of the website along with the result. Now you can decrypt any URL with our link unshortener. We have tested our tool with all the services & it works perfectly!”
“Now expand URL from Bitly, Goog.l, AdFly & many more in just a click!”

Recommended drive diagnostic software for Windows 10.

For free hard drive, flash drive, USB drive, SSD, and NVMe drive diagnostic software, I highly recommend CrystalDiskInfo.

It sits in your Windows system tray and reports all drive’s temperatures and S.M.A.R.T data.

It can also set off an audible alarm if any drive’s temperature gets too high (the temperature limit is also adjustable).

Very useful when testing new computer case configurations or new drives!

Fix for “Diagnostics troubleshooting wizard has stopped working” on Windows 10.

Here is a possible fix for when the Windows 10 Troubleshooter stops working: Check to make sure your Temp and Tmp environment variables are pointing to valid fixed drives and folders.

[Note: Last I checked, flash drives and external USB drives did not work as a temp folder. Hopefully a future Windows 10 update will fix this oversight.]


  1. Press Windows Key + Pause/Break to bring up the “Control Panel System and Security” page.
  2. Select “Advanced System Settings“.
  3. Select “Environment Variables” at the bottom.
  4. See the “TEMP” and “TMP" user variables”? Edit those to point to a valid folder on a fixed-drive, such as “C:\Temp” or “D:\Temp”.
  5. Do the same for the “TEMP" and “TMP" system variables. (You might have to scroll down to see them.)
All done! A reboot now shouldn’t be required, but it might help!