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Party Loyalty

Are you loyal to your “party” or to the Constitution?

Because I can tell you right now which one has your back.

Protiguous, 2020
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Benefits of Society’s Laws

If you benefit from society’s laws, then you must abide by the same laws.

Or, alternatively..

If you are to benefit from society’s laws, then you will also be held accountable by those laws.

Protiguous, 2020
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Teaching Teachers

A great teacher is also an excellent student.

Protiguous, 2020
constitution rights

Disbanding the NRA..

Your gun rights come from the Constitution, and not from the NRA.

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This is the Liar-In-Chief

The “tough guy” that hides in a bunker.
The “patriot” that dodged the draft 5 times.
The “deal maker” that can’t make a deal.
The “art of the deal” that has 4 chapter 11’s.
The “businessman” that declared bankruptcy 6 times.
The “billionaire” that hides his tax returns.
The “self made” that inherited Fred’s tax shelter.
The “student” that hides his academic record.
The “test taker” that didn’t take his own SAT exam.
The “Christian” that never read the bible.
The “genius” that writes at a grade school level.
The “philanthropist” that steals from charities.
The “innocent man” that won’t testify.
The “military expert” rebuked by our generals.
The “leader” that has zero accountability.
The “builder” that never worked a day in his life.
The “athlete” that can’t walk down a ramp.
The “strong arms” that needs 2 hands to drink.
The “alpha male” that wears makeup & hairspray.
The “playboy” that can’t get female consent.
The “grab them by the pussy” that has to pay for it.
The “moral man” that uses hush money payoffs.
The “man of the people” that stiffs his contractors.
The “least racist” that is in fact the most racist.
The “I’m not orange” that is impeached.
The “hire the best people” that are in prison.
The “demands loyalty” that gives it to nobody.
The “unfair to me” that is a troll & bully.
The “nobody knows” that means he didn’t know.
The “people are saying” that he’s fabricating this.
The “no quid pro quo” that he’s done over & over.
The “King of debt” that drove us off of a debt cliff.
The “immigrant ban” who marries/cheats on them.
The “loves kids” that puts them in cages.
The “big brain” that is lacking knowledge.
The “media disgrace” that they fact checked him.
The “don’t hire illegals” unless they work for him.
The “buy USA made” that sells ties made in China.
The “witch hunt” that’s trying to hide his pointy hat.
The “have the best words” uses rudimentary ones.
The “white privilege” born with a silver spoon enema.
The “populist” that only helps the richest 1%.
The “science wiz” thinks knowledge is inherited.
The “prepared” fired pandemic response team.
The “most transparent” that demands everything NDA.
The “orangutan’s son” that sued Bill Maher & lost.
The “healthiest” that lies about his obesity.
The “not tiny hands” that can’t fold an umbrella.
The “family man” that wishes to date his daughter.
The “cares about you” that is a malignant narcissist.
The “stable genius” that is certainly neither.
The “president” that is never presidential.
This is the Liar-In-Chief.

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Good News, Everyone!

So far, not a single one of my friends has called to tell me that they’ve died from COVID-19!

Protiguous, 2020
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All conversations should be 4-sided.

They talk; you listen.

You talk; they listen.

Protiguous, 2020
Virtues virus

WAM (Wear A Mask)

I love you and respect you.
But I call bullcrap on this anti-mask “Please share & repost.” post I came across.
I read your entire post multiple times. Please read mine.

For those of you who are my friends or family that sit there bitching about someone not wearing a mask PLEASE STOP!

We are not bitching; We are trying to stop the spreading of the deadliest plague the world has ever known.
If we ALL just buckled down for about two months this thing could be OVER & GONE for the United States.

I love all of you guys, but I am one of those who can’t wear one (or haven’t been able to find one that does not give me anxiety or cause my PTSD to come on).

We love our fellow humans too. I’m sorry ANYONE has PTSD. I personally know how overwhelming it can be. A totally illogical response from our amygdala.

BUT. You can do it; I’ve met you. I know you’re capable of overcoming any fears and wearing it.

If little 93 year old ladies recovering from lung cancer can wear a mask, then we can too.

I understand your fears & logic for the face masks, but wearing them & sanitizing all of the time?!?

Rotate different masks. Use, change, wash. Scare/amuse people with silly/strange designs.

You’re weakening your immune system. You’re destroying bacteria that is essential for your body to build up your own immune system & so if you do become sick it will be worse.

False. That is not how our immune systems work.
Also, the bacteria (flora) that you breath out normally does not get destroyed. It builds up (mostly) on the mask, hence the washing. You may breathe back in some of that flora, but it’s ones you already have in your body.

(Also one more reason I physically distance from certain people.. their breath stinks! I’d LOL here, but, ewww.. just ewww..!)

I’m one for better hygiene and responsibilities.

As more people should be. Everyone should be. It’s frickin’ 2020 for goodness sake.

But please be understanding to those not wearing a mask.

We try. We listen. We disapprove of FALSE rationals. (Like the “infringin’ on mah freedums!” idiots.)

There are reasons people may not be wearing a mask. Be kind. 🥰

We kind ones are kind. We don’t shout or threaten because we know that does not help.

That woman you shamed in the grocery store, because she wasn’t wearing a mask? She already feels enough shame because she was raped. Having something over her nose & mouth triggers her PTSD, and causes her to relive that trauma.

People should not be shaming anyone for being raped; being a rape victim was NOT their fault no matter the circumstance.
That trauma is horrible and almost unbearable.

If only people would be civilized and understanding.

But think of what HE/SHE would feel if they found out they were a carrier of the virus and now 1 to thousands MORE people are now struggling to breathe or worse under anesthesia, plugged into a ventilator. THAT IS HELL to live through, and many don’t survive because being plugged in to a ventilator is a last-ditch effort to keep someone alive.

That man at the Quickee Mart who you called selfish? He’s a volunteer firefighter, and just came from the ER, after being treated for smoke inhalation. He removed his air mask, in order to help a child breathe fresh air, instead of thick smoke.

He’s a hero. Let him breathe.. but he needs to distance outside while he does. Needing some fresh air without huffing and puffing does not give carte blanche to infect others. A hero would understand that.

That elderly lady who you screamed at to put a mask on, or shop when it’s her turn? Her husband of 60 years just passed away. She’s doing her best to learn to live alone. Every breath is physically painful, due to her grief.

People who scream at others need to be committed to a few weeks in jail for being uncivil. But being in mourning does not give carte blanche to infect others.
She may even take solace or pride in that she is helping save lives; something I’m sure her husband would have wanted.

That little boy you lectured about removing his mask? He’s autistic. He doesn’t understand. He simply wants it off of his face.

He needs to be taught. Not whipped. Not lectured. But shown why. Me and my son are freaking autistic, but that does not give us carte blanche to infect others.

That little girl who screams when somebody tries to mask her? She’s claustrophobic. She came from an abusive home, where she was confined to a closet.

Rare situation, and ANYONE who does that to any child needs a special kind of punishment. I have several scenarios to inflict if I ever come across a scumbag like that.
But the child needs to be shown, gently and with compassion, on WHY to wear one and then HOW to wear one without freaking out.

There are all sorts of reasons for not wearing a mask. Not all are lung, or immune system related.

There are a few real reasons, mostly medical, some mental, on why wearing a mask could be hard.
But in the end, it is JUST an inconvenience to you, yet literally a life-saver to others.. especially those with medical conditions.

How many of you are among those shaming, name calling, and berating complete strangers, or worse, family members?

Shaming, no. Name calling, no. Berating (scold), yes.
A minor temporary inconvenience to save lives.
Worth it, I would think a sane rational person would agree.

How many of you are against bullying?

I live for the day to take out a bully. I despise them with every breath. (I wish I could be more compassionate towards them, but alas..)

If you are among the first group, and align with the second, you may want to pump the brakes, and check yourself… you have become the bully you claim to be against.

False. Not a bully. A bully wants to inflict control over someone else because their life has had “issues”. That’s what rapists do.. “control” their victim.
Wanting to live without permanent medical damage from a virus is not an “issue” or cause to bully.

Wearing a mask does not make you a kind person.

Actually, wearing a mask shows you have compassion for others.

You are either a kind person, or you aren’t.

False dichotomy. There is a whole spectrum from kind to evil (which is the absence of love). It’s not a black & white property of anyone.

A piece of cloth does not determine that trait.

Reversed logic there. Being compassionate leads to wearing the cloth to protect others.

On the flipside, not wearing a mask does not make a person selfish, or inconsiderate.

Actually, yes, it does show inconsideration.

It simply means that, there may be an unseen reason why they cannot wear one. You don’t know their story,

True. Hence, the kindness and compassion in the first place.
Unseen? Most certainly. Political, fear, medical, mental.. almost every obstacle can be overcome with determination and a goal.

and, to be quite honest, it’s none of your business.


And that is what this virus/mask issue is, a loaded weapon.


The (Elite) Electoral College

With the new ruling from the Supreme Court that forces electors to cast their votes in accordance with the popular vote of their state, the Electoral College is nothing more than a formality.

This leads us to the question: Why even have it at all?

science virus

Modification of Coronavirus Science