Level 31 Holy Paladin Exorcist Pawn Scale

Here is the pawn scale for my Level 31 Holy Paladin exorcist gear. (Exorcist meaning spellpower-based holy-specced dps using the spell “Exorcism” as a main staple. )

I am currently leveling my human paladin in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm with these values.

( Pawn: v1: “Exorcist”: Intellect=5.35, Strength=0.01, IsWand=-1000000, CritRating=0.33, IsGun=-1000000, Agility=0.001, HasteRating=1, MasteryRating=0.01, IsCrossbow=-1000000, MetaSocketEffect=1, Spirit=9.64, IsThrown=-1000000, IsDagger=-1000000, MeleeDps=1, Armor=0.001, MainHandDps=1, Dps=0.01, IsMail=0.05, IsPlate=0.1, IsLeather=0.025, IsBow=-1000000, Stamina=0.01, SpellPower=1, IsShield=1, IsCloth=0.0125 )


Level 31 Simple Paladin Holy Healer Pawn Scale

Here is the pawn scale for my Level 31 Holy Paladin healing gear.
I am currently leveling my human paladin in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm with these values.

( Pawn: v1: “Simple Healer”: Intellect=2.8, Is2HMace=-1000000, Agility=0.10875, MasteryRating=0.01, Spirit=1.857, IsThrown=-1000000, MainHandDps=1, Is2HAxe=-1000000, IsBow=-1000000, Strength=0.6, SpellPower=1, IsWand=-1000000, CritRating=0.87, MeleeDps=1, HasteRating=2.041, IsDagger=-1000000, Armor=0.001, MetaSocketEffect=1, IsGun=-1000000, IsCloth=0.0125, IsMail=0.05, IsPlate=0.1, IsLeather=0.025, Dps=0.01, Stamina=0.2, Is2HSword=-1000000, IsShield=10, IsCrossbow=-1000000 )


Level 31 Simple Paladin Tank Pawn Scale

Here is the pawn scale for my Level 31 Paladin tanking gear.
I am currently leveling my human paladin in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm with these values.

( Pawn: v1: “Simple Tank”: Intellect=0.01, ArcaneResist=0.1, FrostResist=0.1, ShadowResist=0.1, ExpertiseRating=1, MasteryRating=1, Agility=0.15, Spirit=0.001, IsThrown=-1000000, MainHandDps=1, Is2HAxe=-1000000, Dps=1, Strength=3.17, ParryRating=1, AllResist=0.1, NatureResist=0.1, DodgeRating=27, Ap=1, IsWand=-1000000, IsCloth=0.0125, CritRating=1, Is2HMace=-1000000, MeleeDps=1, FireResist=0.1, BonusArmor=1, IsPolearm=-1000000, HasteRating=1, IsDagger=-1000000, Armor=0.01, MetaSocketEffect=1, BaseArmor=0.0999, IsGun=-1000000, Stamina=3, IsCrossbow=-1000000, IsMail=0.05, IsPlate=0.1, IsLeather=0.025, IsBow=-1000000, HitRating=0.5, Is2HSword=-1000000, IsShield=1, IsStaff=-1000000 )

healer шкала warcraft

Cataclysm Healer Pawn Scales for 4.0

Do you Agonize over which piece of gear to equip?

Let the Pawn addon decide for you!

Building on the idea that Blizzard has already optimized the gear itself for the item level, these pawn scales will help you choose the optimal gear for the job.

These pawn scales should scale as you level as long as you keep upgrading your gear to your character’s level. If your toon is undergeared, you will run out of mana too soon or not be able to outdo the incoming damage on the tank.

( Pawn: v1: "Balanced": Intellect=1, CritRating=1, HasteRating=1, MasteryRating=1, SpellPower=1, Spirit=1 )

If you’re soloing as a healer, just add in some stamina so you can take those extra hits:

( Pawn: v1: "Solo": Stamina=1, Intellect=1, CritRating=1, HasteRating=1, MasteryRating=1, SpellPower=1, Spirit=1 )

For testing, I use the DrDamage addon to guestimate total healing done until out of mana.

In every situation -a different tank, a different instance: You will have to decide if you will need harder, better, faster, stronger, or longer-lasting heals.

Anytime I’m healing a tank that, well sucks, as in I’m running out of mana healing him or I need to heal faster, then I just copy the pawn scale and tweak that stat that I need more of *usually by 10* like these:

  • ( Pawn: v1: "Harder": Intellect=1, CritRating=10, HasteRating=1, MasteryRating=1, SpellPower=1, Spirit=1 )
  • ( Pawn: v1: "Better": Intellect=10, CritRating=1, HasteRating=1, MasteryRating=1, SpellPower=1, Spirit=1 )
  • ( Pawn: v1: "Faster": Intellect=1, CritRating=1, HasteRating=10, MasteryRating=1, SpellPower=1, Spirit=1 )
  • ( Pawn: v1: "Stronger": Intellect=1, CritRating=1, HasteRating=10, MasteryRating=10, SpellPower=1, Spirit=1 )
  • ( Pawn: v1: "Longer": Intellect=1, CritRating=1, HasteRating=1, MasteryRating=1, SpellPower=1, Spirit=10 )

Of course, as a healer that loves doing the best healing possible I will spend many many minutes tweaking these numbers between random groups for the optimal values, so every time I can roll need with a quick look if the loot is better.

Any feedback? 🙂


VLC Media Player : Bad Coding

Hole-eeee crap. After reading so many positive comments on how the vlc media player works so well, I decided to try it.

Conclusion: what a piece of buggy crap. Constant and inconsistent crash to desktops with no explanation.

Do ‘programmers’ or UI designers ever use these things they write? I can find bad designs everywhere.. why is it so hard for other people to write something that just works?

(Heh. Even the spell checker on needs fixed.)

Come on guys, spend a few minutes thinking. Then code some quality. Instead of writing:

function double Do(int a){
var b = a * a;
return a / ( b - b );

How about adding the tiniest bit of error checking?

function double Do(int a){
var b = a * a;
var c = b - b;
if ( c == 0 ) { return 0; }
return a / c;

Your future ‘programmers’ still won’t have much clue what you were trying to accomplish
(because you never write useful comments)

/*that'd take too much time*/

But at least it should not crash with a divide-by-zero like exception.

Seriously. You’re making us look bad. :/

arbitrary net neural snn

AI, SNN, kids, and God.

Neural Nets are cool. Really cool.

My children are awesome.

They think, learn, and grow.
With sounds, words, emotions, ideas, thoughts.. more than I realize.

Every single day.

They deal with a new random chaotic world thrown at them every single day. And they make sense of it, even enjoy it. Show us new ways of perceiving the universe.

Why can’t we design a program to become alive.. Sentient?

Pentium CPUs can freak out even with simple math.

Our brains are so reliably unreliable at the neuronal level.. yet overall so quick, so accurate, and fast at recognizing patterns.
Even things we’ve never seen before.

We’ve tried neural nets.
Spike-timing-dependent neural nets (SNNs) are even cooler than regular fully connected neural nets (NNs).

But aren’t NNs just a way of brute forcing a function for a set of defined inputs?

The computational complexity of a fully connected NN.. is just staggering.


Our brains are not fully connected.. not every neuron has a connection to every other neuron.
I see this as a huge flaw in our current neuromorphic creations.

And why have layers?
Any amount of layers one chooses is arbitrary.
As I’ve observed in this life, almost everything arbitrary is ‘Not Good’.

So we create a sparse SNN.. (best simulated on a GPU! [awesomeness] so far)

But where do we draw this imaginary line of random ‘percentageness’?
Can we drop it down to a bare minimum?

Wouldn’t our AI get progressively ‘dumber’ until it was unable to correlate anything?
Unable to draw even the simplest of conclusions.. even with tidied inputs?

So we have to find some way to let the AI observe, learn, and grow all by itself. With the occasional teaching, of course.

Or else we’d have to feed it every bit of knowledge.
OpenCyc anyone?
Cool project, but I don’t believe it is the right way to create an AI.

Some people claim an AI is not possible.
Well, it [ intelligence / sentience ] either is able to be replicated/simulated/created through science or it isn’t.

If we are truly soulless neuron-computing machines.. well, what does anything matter then? Why create? Why paint? Why poetry? Why intuition? Why love?

If we are the pinnacle of creation, meaning nothing better can or will be created, then what hope does humanity have to survive more than a few more thousand years more at best.

We are either magical, science-based, or God created.
I have a strong feeling it’s a bit of all three. 🙂

We can ask God to snap His fingers, but I have the feeling He wants us to work things out ourselves.

So you of the Internet: what other ways are there for us to create a Star Trek Data-like artificial intelligence?

Storing knowledge RDF-like seems useful, because of the inference capability.
But how can we get this AI to learn this knowledge and use it without having to spoon feed it selected bits of information?

Not to mention ambiguity, point of view, understanding, self-awareness, and a host of other things we do not understand plaguing us.

Anyone have any ideas?

Any AI we create, we need to take responsibility for. No slaves. No war-machines.

No world-ending end-of-humanity takeovers. (An annoyingly overused scifi concept, yet still entertaining).

How do you teach something ethics and morality?
We humans haven’t even learned how to cooperate with each other..

Maybe an AI can show us the logic and beauty of a future where we will truly have a utopia.


bug C#

Enchant Shield – Protection

Enchant Shield – Protection

Really Blizzard?

160 armor on a level 300 enchant?

You seem to have missed some more numbers..

Hire me. I’ll fix your code 🙂


Warcraft Toons

Many a time I’m logging into World of Warcraft on my female draenei shaman and I say, “Hello Gorgeous!”.

That’s when my toon replies, “dude.. you’re creepin’ me out..”.


hybrid law stupid

Making Cars Noisier


How stupid.


The companies (i.e. government transportation) looking to profit from this new asinine law argue that it will help saves lives.
The lives of those morons crossing the street without looking.
And those of blind people.

Blind people?

What blind person blindly crosses the street?
Every blind person I’ve known has been smarter than to just walk across the street because they “don’t hear a vehicle”.

How many morons do I see every week walking out of Walmart into the parking lot without looking or even paying attention to oncoming cars?

Countless numbers.

The sheer ignorance of these people makes one want to cry for their lives.
To shout at them “hello!? don’t you see these two tons of steel bearing down at you?“.
But shouting does’t help.. and neither does the horn.
You know why?
Because they are so self absorbed into their music  player and/or their pointless cell phone conversation.

“Oh, if someone hits me with their car, I’ll just sue them.”
I imagine that’s what they think.

Litigous Moron. Could have just looked and smiled at your fellow human and saved your limbs.. your child’s parent.

Anyways, where was I?

Oh yah..

Doesn’t it make a LOT more freakin’ sense to make all the cars quieter?
Maybe we could hear the tire noise then..

Or you could be smart and look both ways. Twice.
Like we learned back in elementary school.
Like our parents taught us.

God, I love my parents.


Found a rare gem

This cute little bundle of joy makes faces at her computer and then her dad remixes frames of her into a soothing techno.. hat’s off to her dad!