PowerShell script to shrink & rebuild your SQL Server databases.

Just change the DB1, DB2, DB3, etc.. to be the actual databases you plan on rebuilding.
Same with the ServerName\InstanceName.

Caveat: Don’t run this script on a regular basis. If your databases keep growing in size, there’s usually a reason for it.

$databases = @('DB1','DB2','DB3')
$watch = New-Object System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch
foreach ($database in $databases) {
 Write-Host "Shrinking - " $database
 Invoke-DbaDbShrink -SqlInstance "ServerName\InstanceName" -Database $database -PercentFreeSpace 10 -FileType Data -StepSize 1GB
 Write-Host $time " done " $database
 Write-Host "Rebuilding " $database
 Invoke-DbaQuery -SqlInstance "ServerName\InstanceName" -Database $database -Query "Exec sp_MSforeachtable 'SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON; ALTER INDEX ALL ON ? REBUILD'"
 $time = $watch.Elapsed.TotalMinutes
 Write-Host $time " - " $database

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