Scale of Intelligence Levels

  1. God-like – Able to change inputs and outputs
  2. Intuitive – Able to predict a sequence of outputs with missing inputs.
  3. Intelligent – Able to recognize the pattern of inputs even with missing inputs.
  4. Sentient – Able to recognize a sequence of inputs.
  5. Algorithmic – Able to activate the correct outputs in the correct sequence for a given input in the correct sequence.
  6. Logical – Able to activate the correct outputs for a given input.
  7. Moron – Unable to activate the correct outputs in the correct sequence for a given input.
  8. Idiot – Unable to activate the correct outputs for a given input.
  9. Alive – Able to respond to inputs.
  10. Lifeform – Able to modify the inputs and create outputs.
  11. Exists – Has inputs and outputs.
  12. Nonexistent – Has zero inputs and outputs.


  • God-like – God, Q, etc..
  • Intuitive – Any smart woman, mothers, grandmas..
  • Intelligent – Any above average human.
  • Sentient – Common household pets: dogs, cats, etc..
  • Algorithmic – Computers, smartphones, etc..
  • Logical – calculators?
  • Moron – G.W.B.
  • Idiot – D.J.T.
  • Alive – insects
  • Lifeform – bacteria
  • Exists – Nothing unreal exists.

Just some things I was thinking about one day.
Decided to post it to get any constructive feedback.FYI, some things can belong to multiple descriptions. 🙂

From my old blog,

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