List Cached Data Per Object in Memory

	(count(*) * 8) / 1024 as [MB Used],
	object_schema_name( obj.[object_id] ) [Schema Name],
    obj.[name] [tablename],
from sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors bd
join (
		object_name( p.[object_id] ) [name],
	from sys.allocation_units au
	join sys.partitions p on ( au.[container_id] = p.[hobt_id] and ( au.[type] = 1 or au.[type] = 3 ) )
		or ( au.[container_id] = p.[partition_id] and au.[type] = 2 )
    ) obj on bd.[allocation_unit_id] = obj.[allocation_unit_id]
where bd.[database_id] = db_id()
group by object_schema_name( obj.[object_id] ), [name], [index_id]
order by [MB Used] desc

By Protiguous

C# Software Developer, SQL Server DBA, Father, and seeker of Truth.

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