Science is not ‘defined’ by the money

“A lot of time mainstream science agrees with stuff ten years later.”
[She was talking about “Alternative Medicines” and to avoid something scientifically-valid if you “follow the money!”.]

No. No, we do not. We follow verifiable facts and conclusions from following the Scientific Method.

If it is unverifiable, it is discarded. For everything verifiable, it is added to our collective knowledge which helps further new discoveries and new ideas.

Many discoveries and research are made from plants, animals, insects, previous research & science, etc.. along with all other sources.

We don’t discard something because someone “made money” from a discovery or research. The money does not invalidate the Science or research done. The two are intertwined, yes. But the Science is not ‘defined’ by the money (or the source of).

1 thought on “Science is not ‘defined’ by the money”

  1. Also, I’d like to point out: If ancient medicine was so great, then why were people dying all the time?
    We may have started with old medicine, but we’ve moved on and made improvements.


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