People Protesting Lock-Downs

This shutdown we are all experiencing because of a new virus is something we can control. It has nothing to do with how deadly the virus is. (Even though it is deadly!) It has nothing to do with being courageous.

People are ‘attacking’ the president [Trump] because he DELAYED when he could have been PREPARING to counter this disease.


This is a chance we never had with polio, or measles, or the flu. New Zealand has nearly wiped out SARS-CoV-2 in their country by strict lock-downs and contact tracing.

People whining about being locked down have no idea how easy they really have it.

Poorer people have always lived this way, low on food & low on money and just plain ol’ struggling to survive, usually from paycheck to paycheck, if they even receive a paycheck!

People wanting to reopen the ‘economy’ usually are the ones that were well off, and are AFRAID of living this new way [to them]. These people are used to the comfort that poor people provide by working in the conditions they do, the jobs they do. Those are the essential people.

If we ALL make this sacrifice, then we can stop this virus dead in its tracks before it becomes another disease that continuously kills people all year, year after year.

We can do this, people!

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