Got Coronavirus?

First thing you need to remember is DON’T PANIC.. (save that for later!).

Yes, there is a virus spreading around the Earth making many people sick and killing others. Some people never even know that they were infected.

The virus is officially named “SARS-CoV-2“.
Being infected by this virus can cause the disease “COVID-19“.

Throughout this document, I will refer to the virus (and/or the disease) simply as “covid19”.

Side-note: People tend to forget with covid19 being all over the media and Internet, is that covid19 is IN ADDITION to all of the nasty germs already present around the world and in almost all populations and cultures. It doesn’t replace the nasty germs.. it just adds onto the list.

You know how we occasionally catch a cold or the flu or some other nasty germ? Yah, that’s from when people didn’t know they were infected (or knew they were!) and did not follow these guidelines that EVERYONE should have been doing their whole life anyways.

  • Stay away from others if you are sick, or think you might be infected.
  • Wash your hands with soap when there’s a chance of contamination, incoming or outgoing.
  • Don’t sneeze around other people or surfaces they touch.
  • Cover your cough as much as possible.

Covid19 spreads from an infected person when they exhale (talk), sneeze, or cause surface contamination.

That means covid19 can be airborne and you can get infected by breathing in the air the infected person breathed out, or by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your mouth. Gross!!

Covid19 can reproduce at an exponential rate. Meaning just 1 person can continuously spread it to multiple other people. And those that get infected can infect more people, and so on.. the whole thing just snowballs. That’s why it’s an “epidemic” right now. No one has immunity to it yet (that we know of) so there’s no herd immunity.

This is where the trendysocial distancing” and “wash your hands” helps prevent the spread of covid19 (and many other contagious diseases!). Soap literally rips apart the covid19 virus!

Although we tend to notice patterns where there none, there is no evidence as of 2020-04-06 that this particular virus was engineered by humans (or bats or any animals).
Based on evidence gathered so far, it appears to be a NEW mutation.
Viruses mutate. That’s why last year’s vaccine that protected you from becoming sick last year didn’t work this year and won’t work on this strain of covid19.

And so people will pass (usually unknowingly) along this new virus.. just like humans have for as long as we have recorded history.

Until a vaccine can be developed, produced in mass quantities, and distributed worldwide many (though not all) of us will get sick.

Many people will die from the complications of this disease, but in the end: As humans, WE WILL SURVIVE THIS.

Be well.

(If there is any incorrect information presented here, please let me know! I will update it asap.)

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