Charmed: Good vs evil

I really liked the show “Charmed“, except for one thing. Their concept/religion they kept [constantly] trying to push: that “Good” and “evil” must be “Balanced” [or else the Universe disappears/corrupts/implodes].

Their “balance” concept is fundamentally flawed. The Universe (and human beings & other lifeforms) is not a balanced 50/50 mix of Good and evil.

Something Good starts 100% pure, like a healthy body. Think “Purity of the Light”. Example: All babies are created with 100% of pure good no matter their point of origin/conception/parents. Full of love. Not a single drop of hatred or evil.

Evil is not inherent; it must be learned/influenced from the outside.

Evil is more like a disease, a corruption. A cancer that starts small and can spread throughout the body.. a darkness that will eventually kill the very body it corrupts.

Evil spreads like a contagious virus. It ‘infects’ others. It is the easy way to behave. Hate is easier than love, although it requires more energy. Evil begets more evil.

Loving another Being requires effort to overcome evil.

Love one another.. Be Good.

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