ReFS 3.4 is not ready for Production. Don’t use it.. yet.

I love the new features that ReFS (version 3.4 as of now) brings. Each feature sounds wonderful. Self-healing, large volumes, checksums, etc.. it all sounds good.. on paper.

But when used, they all fall flat on how easy it is to break ReFS. (seriously!)

A reboot at the wrong time can totally fry the ReFS volume. Simply gone. Poof. Little chance of recovery. I’ve seen it happen multiple times on multiple servers. No known way to repair the now-RAW partition. There is a recovery tool ReFSUtil.exe built-in to Windows, but I haven’t had any success recovering anything useful with it.

Just thinking.. why doesn’t any file system (that I know about) have at least 3 master file tables? One positioned at the beginning, middle, and end of the drive? Think of the speed increase when searching for files & folders, and the added resiliency! The drive heads would never have to seek more than 1/3 of the platter to read from the MFT.

Sigh. And I really liked ReFS too.

I should write my own File System.. just give me a team and a few decades lol.

1 thought on “ReFS 3.4 is not ready for Production. Don’t use it.. yet.”

  1. You’re absolutely spot on – we have also encountered this multiple times – ReFS is billed as resilient but in practice it is anything except resilient. It will fail catastrophically in the most trivial of incidents.

    We’re starting to remove any remaining ReFS despite the theoretical benefits because it’s just not robust in the slightest.


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