List of Words That Annoy

I know. You didn’t ask for this and I don’t much want to write them, but gosh darn it there are just some words that are overused, wrong, or just plain old annoying. I also figure it might be therapeutic to list them here. In the hopes that one day, a wise soul will stumble upon them and help spread the light..

So, here is the List of Words That Annoy [me]:

  • Cloud
  • Crypto-anything
  • Cyber-anything
  • Condone
  • Disputed Fact
  • “This.”
  • First!
  • dis
  • i c u r
  • Curated
  • The f-word
  • E-mail (should be email)
  • hashtag!
  • rekt
  • yolo
  • categorically
  • cray cray
  • bro, bra, brah, etc..
  • And finally, the most annoying word: the “Shortly”!

I’m sure more words will come along..
Maybe I should make a “Words I Love” list to counter the karma here..

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