Writing Faster Managed Code: Know What Things Cost


Now you know (more or less) what managed code costs at the lowest level. You now have the basic understanding necessary to make smarter implementation trade-offs and write faster managed code.
We have seen that jitted managed code can be as “pedal to the metal” as native code. Your challenge is to code wisely and to chose wisely among the many rich and easy to use facilities in the Framework
There are settings where performance doesn’t matter, and settings where it is the most important feature of a product. Premature optimization is the root of all evil. But so is careless inattention to efficiency. You’re a professional, an artist, a craftsman. So be sure you know the cost of things. If you don’t know or even if you think you do—measure it—regularly.
As for the CLR team, we continue to work to provide a platform that is substantially more productive than native code and yet is faster than native code. Expect things to get better and better. Stay tuned.
Remember your promise.

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