We are sickened and saddened by the recent shootings in Orlando.  First, the murder of fellow YouTuber, Christina Grimmie, followed by the worst mass shooting in American history. This is a tragic weekend for the people of Orlando, the LGBTQ community, and humanity in general. 
These horrible events spark fiery debate online about gun control, terrorism, and extremist ideology.  These debates are important, but how we debate is also important.  We’re already witnessing hateful verbal attacks between people who feel strongly that they have the explanations and solutions for these tragedies.  When we begin to disrespect and belittle each other, we become more like the perpetrators of the hateful acts themselves.
Unfortunately, these events aren’t simple. They can’t be boiled down to one contributing factor.  But one thing is clear: the vast majority of us want them to STOP.  We hate seeing peoples’ lives ended by cowards.  We hate that families and friends will go on without their loved ones.  We hate that humans are capable of so much destruction.
Most of us want to live to see a time when love conquers hate, when people can live in peace regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation and identity.  As we seek to find ways to make that a reality, to find solutions to these deeply troubling issues, we must engage with one another with respect and dignity.  Let’s be part of the solution.  We will get through this.  Hate is not going to win.
Rhett & Link

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