Windows 10 Audio Troubleshooter Error Code 0x80070003

If you are getting the Error Code 0x80070003, “An error occurred while troubleshooting: A problem is preventing the troubleshooter from starting.” when you are trying to “troubleshoot sound problems“, then you may be missing your temp folder.

Steps to verify that the temp folder exists:

  1. Right click on the Start Menu/Button.
  2. Select System.
  3. Select Advanced system settings.
  4. Under the Advanced tab, select the Environment Variables… button.
  5. Under the “System variables”, scroll down to (and then select) the variable TMP.
  6. Press Edit.
  7. The drive and folder listed in the “Variable value:” needs to exist on a hard drive.
On my system, the variable value is set to “T:TmpSystem”, so I opened file explorer (shortcut is Windows-E) and browsed to the drive T:. Then I created the folder listed in the variable value from step 7.
Now the audio troubleshooter should be able to open.
Let me know in the comments if these steps helped you!

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