Planetside New Player Tips and Hints


  • SPEND YOUR FIRST CERTS ON ABILITIES, NOT ON WEAPONS. Your starter weapons are amongst the best allround weapons in the game. Weapons in this game are designed as side-grades, NOT upgrades, typically catering to a specific play style, like CQC, mid/long-range, etc. Only dedicated VS & TR snipers (get a bolt-action) and CQC infiltrators (get a SMG), should consider a new weapon a high priority.
  • Teamwork is insanely OP in this game, so find a squad/platoon and roll with it. You are unlikely to do much alone, and this will help you find a good fight.
  • Join a decent outfit asap. It will open up a whole new level of game play and is by far the fastest way to progress in/ get the hang of this game.
  • Almost any helpful action (killing enemies, repairing vehicles, capturing bases, healing friendlies) nets you experience points (XP). With every 250 XP, you gain 1 Cert (certification point).
  • Certs allow you to improve your infantry classes, vehicles and lets you buy new weapons.
  • You cannot shoot into hostile spawn rooms. You can however shoot out from a spawn room therefore avoid standing in eyesight of enemy spawn room exits.
  • Aim at enemies and tap Q to spot them, making a little triangle appear over their heads for your friends.
  • You can also keep Q pressed down to open the “commo rose” that allows you to interact with the targeted person in various ways.
  • If you aim at a friendly player and hold Q, you will ask them for context specific help: ammo from engineers, healing from medics and a ride from a vehicle.
  • Fight in an organised group, not in a mindless mob. Outnumbering the enemy 50:1 is useless and will result in boring game play and little experience. See “Zerg” in the lingo section.
  • One way to find an outfit (a guild) is using the r/ps2outfits subreddit. Another way is to join their public platoons and ask about their recruitment policy.
  • Unlocked attachments are weapon specific, not class specific for that weapon.
  • When you unlock attachments or upgrades they will not work until you equip them on the weapon or vehicle concerned.
  • Use the VR training area to experiment with weapons and attachments (everything can be spawned freely in VR training, try before you buy).
  • Pressing H toggles a bigger minimap view. The enlarged minimap blocks the capture process indicators. Keys [ and ] change the zoom level on the minimap. You can also bind these to your mouse wheel for easy adjustment of the map on the fly.
  • It’s usually better to not destroy enemy terminals when attacking. Instead, let infiltrators hack them allowing your faction to pull vehicles and for infantry to resupply. Destroying enemy turrets however is usually correct even if they are unmanned.
  • ALT enables or disables a mouse cursor when ingame. Use it to switch chat views, place waypoints on the minimap, or press ctrl+tab.
  • To reboot/reload the game but retain your place in the squad and alert progress, dont “Log out” or press the X, instead go to windows task manager (ctl-shift-esc) and on the processes tab right click on the Planetside_x64.exe and end process. That way the game thinks you crashed involuntarily and will keep your squad and continent place open for some minutes, rejoining you automatically when you reload. Closing the game to reboot normally however exits you from your squad.



  • Be careful crossing the road around any vehicles. The driver can’t always see well and can rarely stop in time to avoid running you over. Don’t assume they will stop for you. Assume an enemy Harasser will try to run you over.
  • Let the medic heal you to full health after they have revived you.
  • There is no fall damage dropping out of a Galaxy. You do not inherit the velocity of the galaxy, so where you eject is where you fall and land.
  • All guns do damage to fighters. Shoot at them to scare them away when under attack and without Anti-Air nearby. Be careful however, sometimes shooting at enemy vehicles will only draw their attention to you.
  • The knife (T) two-shots all non-MAX infantry. Use it on unaware enemies to save ammo and stay undetected.
  • Unlock at least a rank 1 Spawn Beacon from the Command certification tree. This allows your squad members to hot drop on your beacon, with some cooldown. This requires Battlerank 10 and can only be used while you are the Squad Leader.
  • Never walk, run or wait on vehicle spawn pads. Spawned vehicles instantly kill you as they appear there.
  • Many weapons benefit from burst firing and a sight to be effective.
  • Switch fire modes from single shot, burst, full auto etc with “B” if your weapon allows it.
  • You can stop your breathing (sway) for some seconds when sniping or using HS/NV by holding shift (time can be lengthened with an implant).
  • Headshots do extra damage (usually 2x), so aim accordingly.


  • Use your speed and agility to strike from unexpected angles. Going head-to-head is usually a bad idea.
  • Your jump jets automatically activate when you keep space bar pressed down.
  • Using your jump jets when dropping from a galaxy (even for a split second) removes the fall damage immunity from you.
  • C4 is extremely powerful against turrets, vehicles, MAX units and clusters of enemy infantry.
  • A pump shotgun will make you more effective at extreme close range, great for very crowded areas.


  • The lower the rank of your healing tool the less health friendlies are revived with. Heal them back up after.
  • You can revive a downed MAX unit though it takes longer than reviving normal friendlies.
  • You can not heal a wounded MAX unit.
  • The medic’s abilities are an Area of Effect (AoE) field healing all nearby friendlies or a shield device which creates a regeneration zone. Use them when they do the most good for both you and your friends. You can only load one at a time.
  • Make sure to upgrade your healing tool. The reduced time to resurrect plus increased range allows you to revive many more players safely yielding exceedingly large amounts of experience.
  • Revive grenades are extremely useful. Use them when a large amount of allies die in a confined space. Revive grenades do not revive killed MAX units.
  • Consider running grenade bandoleer with revive grenades in a large fight if you want a lot of xp quickly.


  • You are the vehicle crew as well as natural base defenders, you are the backbone of a MAX crash as well as helping hands in many other situations. Create different loadouts based on those roles.
  • You can repair many things from damaged MAX units and friendly vehicles to base and MANA turrets, generators, SCUs and infantry/vehicle terminals.
  • Always drop ammo (default F key) near Heavy Assaults firing rockets. Launchers often have limited ammo to finish a single target and you get much xp too.
  • Max out your ammo box. The final rank lets you place two ammo packs at once, each with a large radius.
  • Max out your repair tool. The final rank lets you defuse enemy tank mines as well as repair enemy base turrets in only 2 full cycles.
  • Deployed turrets can act as cover for friendlies, deploy them even if you don’t plan on firing the turret yourself.


  • Shooting at the rear of a vehicle does increased damage. For all default and lock-on rocket launchers, 4 rockets to the rear of an MBT (Vanguard, Prowler, and Magrider) will kill it. From the front, it is 7 to kill.
  • The Decimator reduces the number of rockets to kill by 1. It also comes with one fewer rocket and travels slower so you need to account for much greater drop. A Decimator will one-shot an ESF.
  • The Annihilator locks both air and grounds vehicles but cannot dumbfire.
  • The Nanite Mesh Generator (NMG) recharges faster than the Adrenaline Shield (AS) but the AS will restore 20% shield strength per target killed at max rank.
  • NMG and AS are typically paired with Nanoweave Armor while the Resist Shield is paired with the Advanced Shield Capacitor.
  • Your shields also negate fall damage to an extent.


  • As an Infiltrator you are given a set of tools that, if used well, enables you to unleash a reign of chaos on enemy positions by appearing in the middle, taking down a few of them and disappearing again into nowhere.
  • Radar often makes the difference between being successful or not but can also reveal your presence, use them wisely. Both types can be resupplied from ammo packs.
  • Motion Spotters can only be placed one at a time. Fully certed they last for 4 minutes with a 50m detection radius. They show realtime facing and position of enemies as well as distinct icons for MAX units. Destroy enemy Spotters whenever you can – look for their icon on the minimap, they will show when you are within 20m.
  • Recon Darts can be shot anywhere but only show enemy positions once per ping (about every 2 seconds). Multiple darts can be in use simultaneously.
  • Use EMP on enemy motion spotters, spawn beacons, dart radars, shield bubbles and other enemy assets you see on the ground or minimap. You can even EMP them through walls! Not only is this incredibly useful for your faction it nets you certs, counts towards destroying deployables for your Force Recon directive plus gets you random kills from badly placed enemy mines.
  • Hack everything! Every hacked terminal is free exp, a resupply station for your friends and a nuisance for the enemy. A hacked turret can wreck enemy armor and Sunderers as they leave a base.
  • On 6x-12x and HS/NV scopes, you can use the Shift key (holding breath), to steady your aim a few moments. Hold Breath implants increase this time. NS/NV is the only scope below 6x to have sway.
  • Hacking an occupied turret forces the (confused) enemy out of it, but be careful, they may not render to you for a second or two and can still shoot back. Place an anti-infantry mine outside the turret and hack from the front or side.
  • Cloak is not invisibility; you are only harder to see. You are easier to see moving and the only time you are near invisible is when crouching and still (deep cloak). An alert enemy will easily notice you when running cloaked and even standing still can create a suspect shimmer over 10m away.
  • Cloaking and uncloaking makes a distinctive, faction-specific sound. In quiet areas, an attentive enemy will be alerted to your presence this way.
  • You can not fire, be healed, replenish shields, or restock ammo when cloaked.
  • Enemies can not spot you with Q when you are cloaked and if you have been spotted by an enemy (with Q), you can remove the spotting by cloaking.
  • Consider cloaking into an enemy held base, hacking a terminal and spawning a Sunderer. If you have a platoon/squad that can then instantly spawn when you deploy your vehicle, the enemy won’t know what hit ’em!


  • Wait till your timer runs out if you die, a friendly medic can revive you! Friendly medics have a “+” symbol on the main map.
  • Everyone starts with a single Anti-Air Buster arm in their MAX loadout. Use this if you need AA and there is nothing else available.
  • When on Anti-Air duty lead your targets. It’s no use having the bullets fly past behind him.
  • You can use the MAX Charge ability (F) to quickly run from place to place. Great for getting closer to enemies, running away and changing location. Cooldown ranges from 45 (default) to 30 seconds (max rank).
  • You can rearm or change your weapon and slot loadouts at any terminal without penalty.



  • Use the Vehicle Management menu (“Page Down”) to lock a vehicle down so either only you can enter, or only the people in your squad/platoon can enter.
  • Setting a vehicle to “squad/platoon” also allows your squad/platoon members to drive the vehicle (but when repairing remember to let the driver get in first).
  • All vehicle weapons have a starter 1 cert upgrade for ammo capacity and 1.25x zoom. Equip these; your gunners will appreciate it.
  • Cruise control makes vehicles drive without having to press more buttons. Press the = key to enable and disable.
  • Function keys (F1-F12) change seats in a vehicle. If you try to change to an occupied seat the person in the seat will be asked to choose whether to change seats or not.
  • Your personal waypoint is your friend. Set it by right clicking the map screen. Place it on the arm of an important turn you need to make, on a destination base, a sundy or infiltrator you are hunting or back on your warpgate if you are learning to fly.
  • Any squad member can spawn in any Sunderer or Galaxy that is owned and currently occupied by another squad member.
  • Double tap acceleration button to bring slow moving vehicles (MBT, Sundy) up to full speed faster.
  • If you dont immediately see a vehicle terminal on the minimap near your spawn go through the teleport tube, its often that way. If still no look closely, sometimes engineers put ammo at the terminal and the icons obscure each other.


  • Press B to deploy your Sunderer, allowing friendly troops to spawn in. Cannot be within a certain radius of a capture point when attacking, the radius will show on the minimap.
  • Do not park your vehicle on vehicle spawn pads. When someone spawns the next vehicle yours will instantly be destroyed.
  • Turn off your lights by pressing “L” if you feel using them may attract attention.
  • Always pull off away from the vehicle spawn pad before stopping. Pile ups can and do happen frequently often resulting in the blocking vehicle being quickly removed by force.
  • When driving close to infantry with no nearby hostiles, press T to enter third person mode. This lets you see your general area better.


  • Fly in third person mode (T) for better view on your surroundings.
  • Rebind air vehicle exit to something you won’t hit accidentally when reloading.
  • Unless you are in a Galaxy or an ESF/Liberator with the Ejection System utility slot there is no parachute. If you have to bail out, get low and get slow then jump out. If you are going too fast or too high you will die.
  • Consider binding the pitch controls to your keyboard or (if you have them) your additional mouse buttons. This allows you to turn at the maximum possible turn rate, for faster manoeuvring.
  • Set your personal waypoint to a safe location you can use to resupply and repair. This way, you’ll instantly know where to retreat to if you get ambushed. Many a good pilots have “retreated” straight to an even greater danger in an adrenaline rush.



  • Pressing “Insert” will join you to the geographically closest open squad with a slot spare. Instabuddies! Press “M” for map, try to keep up where they go. As this finds the physically nearest squad its not always useful to do in the warpgate.
  • Pressing “P” when not in a squad brings up the day list of all the Squad/Platoons currently open. All here are free to join in with. Use the checkboxes above it to filter in Platoons only, ones on your continent only, or only ones run by your outfit/friends.
  • If a squad/platoon leader tells you to redeploy, do it asap or risk being kicked. Its an awesome experience moving with a fast paratrooper platoon but you need your ears screwed on because if you cant keep up, not redeploying when asked then your slot can be given to someone else with no notice. Dont take it personally, you are free to rejoin if another slot opens.
  • Some platoons become leaderless. This can often be seen by no-one setting waypoints despite many members in one spot, members scattered around the map (or on different continents), a very low BR as PL (inherited lead and still doesnt know) and no voice at all. Its up to you if you want to stay just dont expect them to suddenly start being tactical.


  • Use Enemy Heat setting on your main map. Your current tricolor setting looks nice but lacks real info. Enemy Heat is a live reflection of enemy strengths on every map. On the map click the funnel icon (top right, 2nd down) and select Enemy Heat at the bottom of that panel. The deeper red the hex is the more enemy are there! (If unsure who owns the base, look at the colour of the base name).
  • Join a squad from the “P” list, they may have spawns in the area you want to get to. If they don’t, leave and try another.
  • Instant action is risky at times. As soon as you start to drop, press redeploy. If its safe when you land you have ~2s to cancel it, if not let it complete and choose a safer point.
  • If all else fails redeploy hop, its faster than it looks. Even if bases dont look available to start that will change as you move across the map. Large bases and sundys are available within 2 hops, outposts just one. Start the redeploy as soon as you hit the loading screen, dont wait to see the spawn tube. Rarely will you have to go through more than 5 hops to get to any other fight.


  • Many drivers and pilots will let you jump in and gun with them but respect those who lock you out, they may have another gunner coming, be on a specialist mission or just grinding without the time to train you. Squad vehicles are more likely to accept you.
  • As a gunner, do not shoot at everything moving! This alerts all local enemy to your presence putting your driver on the defensive or worse, stirring up a hornets nest before you do any useful damage to your one distant target.
  • Like infantry weapons, vehicle weapons have effective ranges and things they cannot damage. Learn them before blasting away at the wrong target, it just invites the enemy to prioritise you and tells him (and your driver) you have no idea what you are doing. Any good driver will prefer being asked than having to eject you as useless or a risk to health.
  • The default Basilisk 20mm dual-barrelled machine gun on main battle tanks (MBTs) and Sunderers damages everything. Help out the driver when he is engaging armor. You shooting at the tank too can be the deciding factor.
  • Change to engineer and have a well certed repair tool if you are serious about being a random crew gunner. With MBTs and Harassers if you give the vehicle a quick top up repair when you get in it shows the driver you can care for his vehicle.



  • There are four continents in the game each with a distinct theme. They are: Indar, arid desert to the north, grasslands to the southwest dropping to canyons in the southeast; Esamir, snow-covered and barren landscape with its single Tech Plant dominating the center; Amerish, lush and mountainous with steep elevation changes; and Hossin, a swampland featuring massive trees for vertical gameplay and the latest and most unique base design.
  • Change continents at the globe terminal at your faction’s warp gate, or select the gate of a different continent from your spawn options when dead.
  • Your faction can capture (lock) the continent by either winning a territory alert or by capturing 95% of the land on any continent. This gives your faction a continent specific bonus and locks it preventing further play.
  • You lose the bonus when the continent is unlocked either by the server needing more space for players or if it unlocks due to another continent locking.
  • The bonuses are -50% off the resource cost of aerospace (Indar), mechanized (Esamir), and infantry (Amerish) consumables or MAX units (Hossin).
  • At least two continents will remain open at all times (with the exception of the smaller Briggs server).


  • Warp Gate. Faction home for that continent. All vehicles are available from the warp gate.
  • Tech Plants. Grants main battle tanks to terminals in connected territories.
  • Bio labs. Gives the owning faction a small health regeneration in connected territories.
  • Amp stations. Increases the time to overheat of base turrets.
  • Medium size facilities. These range from Tower bases to the many unique multi point bases.
  • Smaller outposts. Many of these exist between the other facilities.


  • The capture process is a “tug of war”. You must undo all the enemy’s progress before your factions capture bar starts to progress.
  • The bar on top of your screen is the capture progress for the single point you are on. The base capture progress is on the left of your main HUD.
  • Base capture points can only be flipped when the base has a connection to an uncontested friendly base. If you lose the connection after starting the capture process, you can still finish it.
  • Destroying the SCU prevents the existing owners from spawning in the spawn room of that base.
  • Some hostile shields block only vehicles, some both vehicles and infantry. Owners of the facility can always pass through shields.
  • Some shields can be shot through by the owner of the facility. Attackers can not shoot back.
  • Shields have icons on them corresponding to the generator keeping the shields up. Some shields have multiple generators.
  • Anyone can hack generators and SCU by holding down their use key at the prompt for 10 seconds. This causes the generator to destabilize ending in an explosion after the countdown. The enemy can stabilize or unhack a generator so be sure to defend it until it explodes.
  • You can not hack a generator or SCU when your connected friendly base has enemy controlling one or more of your control points.
  • You can still move, look around, shoot, and reload while hacking as long as you keep “E” pressed and don’t move outside of the hacking zone (which is really small).
  • Shooting (or using explosives on) a generator only damages your friend trying to hack it. You cannot damage generators with weapons.
  • Bio labs can be accessed through teleporters and jump pads from connected bases. They also have gravity lifts under the landing pads.
  • Ikenham is the only bio lab accessible from directly beneath it as an attacker otherwise only defenders spawn vehicles from down there. If lost look up for the wings of the air pads for infantry grav lift access.


  • Stabilize (unhack) a generator as any class by going to it and pressing E for 10 seconds. You can move, look around, shoot, and reload while stabilizing as well.
  • When a generator is destroyed, repair it with the Engineers repair tool (weapon slot 3).
  • Driving a repair Sunderer around a base (especially Amp Stations) after a fight is a lazy but efficient way of repairing all the lower turret guns. Back up onto a tower leg to reach the upper AA guns.
  • If all else fails dont wait in a surrounded spawn, redeploy up the chain and set up traps with your deployables for when the base flips.


  • You need enough resources (Nanites) to purchase air and ground vehicles, MAX units and consumable infantry items such as medkits and grenades.
  • Nanites are granted at a base rate of 50 per minute (membership is 75 per minute), with a maximum pool of 750.
  • You can see the amount of Nanites you will gain and when you will get them by pressing TAB to bring up the score screen.
  • Gaining XP at a base will also provide you with a bit of extra nanites. (maybe changed with recent patch). ??check



  • You can see what is included in a bundle by clicking the “unlock” button. This will bring up a confirmation windows showing the contents without buying it.
  • After freely testing weapons in VR you can also trial weapons in the full game for 30 minutes every 8 hours. You can’t trial the same weapon again for another month.
  • You can however create a new character, trial a weapon and delete the character, then trial it again on another newly created character.
  • Once you apply an XP boost removing it permanently deletes it. Keep it on until it runs out!
  • All cosmetic items (infantry and vehicle) can be tried out in VR for free before purchase.
  • If something you bought with DC doesn’t show up, you may need to log out and back in for the item to appear in your inventory.


  • The membership boosts (XP and resource) are in addition to any boost mounted in your boost slot in your profile. You can stack the 50% membership boost with say, a 50% Heroic Boost (when available) for +100% exp over base.
  • If you are in a squad where someone has a squad boost, you will benefit from it too, resulting in up to a 103% extra experience: 50% for full membership boost, 50% from your own boost item and 3% from the squad exp boost your friend has.
  • 500 DC per month is made available but not automatically granted, you have to click the tile in the Depot each month to claim it.



Long Short Friendlies Hostiles Range
/outfitsay /o Outfit only No No range limitation
/platoonsay /p Platoon only No No range limitation
/region /re Yes No Same region (base)
/reply /r Only named player Only named player No range limitation
/say /sa Yes Yes Very short
/squadsay /s Squad only No No range limitation
/tell playername /t playername Only named player Only named player No range limitation
/yell /y Yes Yes Same region (base)


Command Effect
/bug Opens the player bug reporting submission form.
/fps Shows the frame counter bottom left.
/friend add playername Sends a friend request to a person named playername.
/friend list Lists all friends and their online status.
/location or /loc Shows values about your current position. Useful if you need to report a continent failure/map bug.
/outfit invite playername Invites playername to your outfit (if your outfit role allows you to invite people).
/outfit quit Removes you from your outfit.
/report Opens the player report submission form. Click last killer to autofill tricky names.
/squad disband Disbands the squad, removing everyone from it. Only works if you are the squad leader.
/squad invite playername Sends a squad invite to a person named playername.
/squad kick playername Kicks the person named playername from the squad.
/squad leave Removes you from the squad.
/suicide Kills you, allowing fast redeployment.


  • Beside the frame counter is an indicator showing if you are most bottlenecked by your CPU (processor) or GPU (graphics card). If you are [CPU]-locked all the time, you should be able to up the graphical fidelity without much performance hit. The exception is Shadow quality and Flora which is reliant on the CPU.


Term or abbreviation Meaning
ADAD Spam Repeatedly strafing left and right trying to reduce your attackers aim.
Airball See Gank Squad
AMS (Sunderer) Advanced Mobile Station: The passive ability on a Sunderer allowing it to deploy and act as a mobile spawn point. Also used to refer to a vehicle with one equipped.
AP Armor Piercing. Great against vehicles. Less effective against infantry.
Ask Auraxis Weekly reddit thread for player questions. History.
Auraxiuming Making 1160 kills (infantry and vehicle combined) on a single weapon to receive the Auraxium medal (and the 200 cert reward) for it.
Backcap An enemy force is re-capturing the base you just pushed out from. This may prevent capturing points at your intended target base and may cut your lane off if they succeed.
Battle Bus A combat oriented Sunderer with Blockade Armor and AV based weaponry (usually Fury or Basilisk).
Battlegoose The Betelgeuse, the Vanu directive reward LMG received after completing five LMG auraxium medals.
C4 Fairy The Light Assault class equipped with thrusters and explosives.
Chugging Medkits Using repeated doses of medkits to heal substantial amounts of incoming damage.
Defensive AMS A Sundy deployed by defenders inside their own base, usually nearer to the cap point than their spawn.
Dorito The inverted triangle above our heads.
Double XP Special periods, usually weekends where the base XP gain rate is doubled. Members get one monthly, non members hardly ever see one.
ESF Empire Specific Fighter: Reavers, Mosquitoes and Scythes.
ESRL Empire Specific Rocket Launcher: Striker, Phoenix and Lancer. HA only.
Farm Making many kills from a significantly advantageous position, situation or vehicle.
Flak Nest A static concentration of troops with AA, frequently on high ground, occasionally with co-operating aircraft baiting in enemy.
Gal Galaxy dropship for carrying troops (air vehicle).
Gal drop Using a galaxy to drop a large amount of troops on top of an enemy position/base like paratroopers.
Gank Squad A glob of faster moving high powered vehicles outnumbering and ambushing prey.
Ghost cap Flipping a point then exiting the hex leaving the cap to progress without support. Considered unsporting.
HA Heavy Assault (class).
Harassurbator Someone who frequently crews the Harasser combat buggy.
HE High Explosive. Great against infantry. Less effective against vehicles.
HEAT High Explosive Anti Tank. Ok against armor, Ok against infantry.
Hex 1. The land area each base sits in defined by its honeycomb like border. 2. Pre-lattice capture rules in place at launch allowing capture of any base with an adjoining border.
LA Light Assault (class)
Lattice Rules governing the order of progression across each continent, seen on the map as lines connecting the bases.
Lane A small multi-base section of the Lattice, usually between two larger bases.
Orphantoon A headless platoon after the original owners leave being kept alive by the default handoffs to people who have no idea, no ability or no wish to issue commands.
Outfit Clan. Guild.
Planetmans You. Me. Everybody!
WG Warpgate.
Lib Liberator gunship (vehicle).
LOLpod Underwing ESF rocket pods, named back when they were ridiculously overpowered against unsuspecting infantry.
MAX Crash A co-ordinated push led by as many MAX units as possible, usually in an attempt to re-capture an overrun cap point.
MBT Main Battle Tank: Vanguards, Prowlers and Magriders.
Nanites Energy we gain automatically enabling infantry consumable and vehicle purchases over time.
No Deploy Zone The circular area around a base where attackers cannot deploy a Sunderer.
Pizza Delivery Tank mines ‘delivered’ to enemy from the back seat of vehicles.
Potato A setup with extremely low graphics settings. Usually seen on low spec PC or to increase framerate beyond Pro gamer levels.
Pub/Pubby Group term for the mass of lower skilled or new players, usually not in an outfit or squad.
Redeployside Using existing game mechanisms to mass deploy troops from fight to fight to gain the advantage. It can be a controversial subject among the community.
Scat MAX NC Shotgun MAX
SCU Spawn Control Unit. Specialised generator preventing infantry from using base spawns when blown.
Server Smash Ongoing series of inter-server organised battles played on a non-public competition server.
Skillsuit Slang term for MAX class.
Sky Knight An experienced ESF pilot, sometimes used in a negative way.
Sky Whale Another name for the Galaxy.
Smedbux A term for Daybreak Cash coined from the name of the original and now Ex-CEO, John Smedly.
Spawn Room Hero Someone cheesing kills from behind the shield with no intention of pushing out.
Steel Rain A group of squad leaders placing beacons at the same time so the entire waiting platoon(s) can drop at once.
Spandex If someone talks about Spandex he’s referring to the Vanu Sovereignty and its players outfits.
Sundy Sunderer (vehicle).
Smurfs New Conglomerate players are referred to as smurfs because of their blue and yellow faction colors.
Threeway A fight over a base or area involving all three factions.
Warpgated A Warp Gate cut off from the resource/deploy system after an enemy takes all three bases surrounding the gate.
Zerg The mindless blob of players rolling forward in a direction without any clear command structure or strategy. Often results from a buildup of individual people after a long standoff or a large facility fight.

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