It’s Listener Love Day! (almost) |

Pandora is awesome!

It’s Listener Love Day! (almost)

1376-INSTAGRAMHEADERPandora turns 10 next week, (September 9 to be exact) and, rather than celebrate alone, we want to celebrate with all of you. Our offices are just a bit too small to accommodate the nearly 80 million of you who tune in each month for an in-person party, so we decided to make September 9 Listener Love Day. What is this day you ask? Simply put, it is our gift to you. It’s a day of all music and zero ads as a thank you for listening and thumbing over the past decade.
The Details:
• Who: All Pandora listeners in the US
• What: Ad-free listening – all music, all day
• When: September 9th, 12am-12am ET
We promise to keep this short, but it’s hard since each and every one of you has played a huge role in making Pandora the most streamed music platform in the world. Together, you have listened to 74 billion hours of music, thumbed up or down over 55 billion times and created 8 billion stations. Those are a lot of big numbers, but it boils down to one simple thing – when Pandora was created 10 years ago, we had one goal – to play the best music for each listener. That has not changed, it will not change, and we thank you for spending the past 10 years with us – here’s to decades more!
Musical Inspiration
For those interested in a walk down memory lane, we have created our 10X10 mixtape – the 10 most Thumbed Up songs for each of the past 10 years. Looking to branch into new musical territory? Check out these other recommendations from our musicologist team:
• Hyphy
Tell a friend (you don’t want to keep all this music to yourself) and let us know what you plan to listen to using #ListenerLoveDay

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