You’re right, it’s simple but maybe not THAT simple.

Don’t like gay marriage?
Don’t get one.
I won’t and I’ll respect your right to marry someone of your same gender but please don’t call me intolerant because I’m not willing to deny my core value that in God’s eyes a marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Don’t like cigarettes?
Don’t smoke one.
I won’t and I respect your right to smoke but please don’t subject me, my children or your unborn child to your second and third hand smoke.

Don’t like abortions?
Don’t get one.
I won’t. I cannot support the innocent killing of a potential human life. Having said that-if you’ve had one or plan to get one, I will not judge you, that is not my job but that doesn’t mean I have to believe it is a “right” of a woman who voluntarily participates in sexual activity to decide that a child that was conceived is an inconvenience and it is her “right” to end that life.

Don’t like sex?
Don’t do it.
I respect your right to participate in whatever freaky activities you desire but please don’t assume that I want to hear about it and please don’t assume that I’m judgemental or intolerant because I don’t want to know about your private life. Please also take the responsibility to protect yourself and others from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

Don’t like drugs?
Don’t do them.
As with cigarettes, I won’t, however, I can’t say that I support your “right” to use a substance that will not only harm your body (that part is really your own business) but is also known to support crime, harm innocent children and create addicted young people.

Don’t like porn?
Don’t watch it.
I won’t but I also can’t support a person’s “right” to validate misogyny, abuse toward women and creating unrealistic expectations of intimacy. Although the argument could be made that “porn stars” are consenting adults, behind the “consenting” adults are almost always hidden sex trafficking rings. Not to mention the countless studies that have supported the harms of addiction to pornography on families and society.

Don’t like alcohol?
Don’t drink it.
I won’t. I respect your right to drink alcohol in your own home or appropriate establishments. I do not believe you have the right to subject me, my friends, my family or any other member of society to harm by driving after you’ve been drinking. I also do not support a woman’s decision to drink alcohol while carrying an unborn child that cannot make decisions for him or herself. (see drugs above)

Don’t like guns?
Don’t buy one.
Also, don’t assume that making guns illegal will take them off the streets….remember, drugs are illegal, too. And if you do plan to own a gun-take the responsibility to learn to safely use and store it and ALWAYS keep it out of children’s reach.

You’re right, it’s simple but maybe not THAT simple……

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