My horrifying experience with Cheese Pizza on Tor.

My day started off like normal; all excited to see what new Weird Al video was going to be released today.

Hopped onto Reddit (because we love Weird Al over there).. sure enough the first link was about his new video “First World Problems”.. I think that was the name of it.. still haven’t watched it yet.

Anyways, that video wouldn’t load.. I’m assuming due to server load. Nice! So, I clicked on another youtube video to pass the time.. In this random video, this video/blogger guy started talking about this program Tor and how you can protect your privacy on the internet.. I think I’ve heard about this ‘Tor’ before.

Now, I am big on privacy. I believe everyone has the right to say what needs to be said without fear of reprisal from people who don’t want your message to be heard. You know, Illuminati, aliens, foreign governments, bigfoot.. all standard conspiracy stuff.

So I googled “Tor”, and of course found this “Tor Project”.. read a bit on it. I was like, “cool! a way for people to spread information!”. Installed the browser bundle pack thingy, started up a relay (I think it passes encrypted packets from one computer to the next, if I understood it correctly).

Okay, so this unnormal-firefox browser is open. Now what? Well, there was a page with a list of “onion” links.. not normal internet WWW type of links. I think they can only be used inside this Tor system. Anyways. So I scroll down the list.. most sites were described as “bitcoin this! bicoin that!”.. bleh. I like bitcoins, but I can do all that on the normal web.

Scrolled down to one that said something about being an online chat website. ‘DarkNet’, I think the name was. Okay.. spreading information is what I’m here for, so in I clicked. Some 1995ish site loads with a crap of abbreviations at the bottom. I start clicking through posts. Most are the garden variety “down with the man!” stupid kind of crap. Like 14 years who are angry at the world but don’t know how to properly express themselves kind of crap and just end up hurting innocent people and ruining [their own] lives.

Skip that crap. I’m looking for Information. I want to learn more about the world. I want to know what is really going on in this Universe.

I keep scrolling, trying different links.

Until I stumble across a post that says something like “Hey guys, check out this cheese pizza!”.

Now, I see ‘/r/funny’ pics on Reddit all the time, some are amusing, some are even enlightening. So, I click on the image filename. A new window pops up with nothing. The title says a 1×1 pixel image. I think.. that’s weird. Maybe I did something wrong in this Tor browser. Oh well, I close the window and scroll down some more.

There are more people replying to the posts/threads like that. I in some posts, I see the words ‘child’, ’13yo’, and ‘CP’ in others. That’s when it hits me..

CheesePizza == child porn. I realize in moments that “cheese pizza” has got to be slang for “child porn”.

WTF! I almost viewed some child porn. I felt sick. The thought that people get off on that stuff. The thought about how abused the children who have this sick perversion intertwined into theirs lives.. The bottom of my stomach sank.

This is horrible. How can we stop these perverts.

My thoughts go to my children. I pray for their safety. If anyone ever does something like this to them.. I’ll let Heaven and Hell decide your fate, but I will get you there faster you sick perverts.

OMFG, wtfing hell. I support Freedom, Education, and the free spread of Information. But not this crap. No, and hell No.

I nopenopenope out of there and close the browser.

Uninstalling this Tor relay thing and hoping to never to come back. You are not going to use my bandwidth to spread that evil, you sick bastards.

1 thought on “My horrifying experience with Cheese Pizza on Tor.”

  1. May be this is late, but I don't think we share bandwidth in tor unless we are a relay. But tor represent reality of dark world beyond normal society, people should be warned but shutting eyes and ears to them may be easier for some people.


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