Psyche and Cupid

This is one level of meaning in the greek myth about Cupid and Psyche. 

Basically, Psyche was this super hot beauty that no mortal would marry, so she got set up with Cupid, who was supposed to be this hunky god guy. Except the thing is he’s super shy, so he would only bang Psyche at night. So she tells her sisters about his whole weird “don’t look at me” thing, and they become convinced that actually he’s not cupid at all but some kind of weird snake monster/creature who has been deceiving Psyche this whole time. Suddenly Psyche’s world is thrown upside down — she’s like “wait, I’ve been duped? I’m the settler, not the reacher?” so she brings a candle and a mirror with her next time she’s shacking up with hubby “Cupid,” and tries to hold the mirror up behind him while they’re doing it. But she spills on him, and he freaks, and runs away to mommy (Venus) in Mt. Olympus.

Psyche begins to think that it is confirmation that he was a nasty rape-snake, but then notices how much she misses him (despite the fact that he may be a snake) and goes to Mt. Olympus to find him. Venus is all like, “you have to prove yourself worthy,” and sends Psyche on 4 tests, through which she develops her mental faculties of self-control. Only when she can prevent her mind from running wild at the slightest suggestion is she able to reunite with her lover; no longer concerned with whether he is or isn’t “good” for her, she asserts her newfound dominion over her…*psyche*… and chooses to love him regardless.

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