Excellent response to a dumb statement..

Hello, koolkeano, my use of ‘yes’ in my comment was somewhat subtle, so it is okay for you to be confused. Firstly, ‘yes’ is an answer to a question, so one must determine what question is being answered. At first, and you got this far, it seems obvious that since yes was used to start a reply to a question then the question yes is replying to is that very question. Not so in this case!  Here, ‘yes’ is a way for me to imply that the post I was replying to had an implied question in it whose answer is yes. Specifically, by starting my comment with ‘yes’, I am saying that what the person ought to have said is something like ‘I think the following are important questions…’ which would have an implied question of whether others agree. Rather than engage in verbosity, I proceeded to skip what was actually said and answer as if something more reasonable were said. I hope this clears things up for you!

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