TheLostBigBoss comments on How do you think the US Government would react to Protests like in the Ukraine/Venezuela?

Wow, the posts here are pretty stupid.
Easy, they wouldn’t report it. The unique thing about the US is that it’s such a gigantic country that it’s hard for the average American to know exactly what’s going on in all 50 states
Right, you think a major news organization would pass up covering a fucking riot in any US state? That is TV gold.
Doubt they could happen. We have a militarized police. The Government spies on our communications so organization would be difficult. Centralized media (eg: the coverage of Occupy Wall Street)
You don’t need to “spy” on the people when all the organization is happening on social media.
Pretty spot on. Hell just look at what they did in Boston after the ‘bombings’.
Why are you putting “bombings” around quotes? Are you suggesting that the bombs didn’t actually exist or something?
You’re acting like people were being forced out of their homes at gun point, where any slight movement would result in their whole family being murdered by the “militarized police”.
By the way, what constitutes militarized police? Is it the combat vests? The armored personal carriers? The M4’s that have a bunch of tactical attachments on?
It was an active combat zone, remember that firefight at two in the morning with the two brothers when they killed that MIT guard? I guess the cops shouldn’t have protective equipment because they look scary to anyone who doesn’t like to think for half a second.
You know what would happen if a riot like the one in Ukraine would happen in the US?
I don’t fucking know, and neither do you!
We’re not living in a country that was about to be swooped into Russian control. We’re not living in a country where we are living under socialist rule for almost two decades.
If there was a riot on the scale of Ukraine in DC I’m pretty sure there would be major concessions to what ever caused those riots to happen in the first place.
Obama wouldn’t go down as a president who ordered the killing of protesters to stay in power.

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