sfwonly comments on 911 emergency responders, what is the most ridiculous reason someone has requested emergency services?

Ugh… so many, I’ll try to remember some of my good ones.
1) Lady demanding police respond to her house to turn off her ceiling fan, it wouldn’t stop for some reason.
2) Lady called to ask where she should dispose of some old steak knives. When I told her that she should throw them in her trash can, she talked to me like I was nuts and asked “Well what if someone goes through my trash, uses the knives in a crime, and then I get blamed for it?” I face palmed pretty hard on that one.
3) Father demanding police respond to his house because his 8 year old daughter refused to go to school.
4) Husband and wife got into an argument because she found some dirty Q-tips in the bathroom trashcan. So naturally she accused him of sticking Q-tips up her cat’s butt… That took every ounce of professionalism to maintain my composure.
5) Lady originally from Russia calling to state that there was a bear on her front yard (I work in a very industrualized/suburban city so it was a really weird call for us). When we get there, turns out it was raccoon. She had never seen one before.
6) People calling 9-1-1 to ask the time, ask for a phone number (I usually refer them to 4-1-1) and other basic things that I would have never even thought to call 9-1-1 for.
The usual attention seeking individuals who want to get transported by ambulance for minor injuries just so their friends feel sorry for them. It can be really frustrating sometimes when people like that are tying up services when there are plenty of other people who genuinely need them.

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